Will the Immigration March change anything?

Hundreds of thousands of people showed up nationwide to march and voice their opposition to immigration policies. There are many photos showing great support, signs, and emotion all across the country for what protestors believe is right and good. It's powerful and moving. Yet questions ensue: does a “Families Belong Together” March cut it? Will it have enough impact to facilitate change? Will it create necessary changes to policies? Will it put the right people in office to make those changes? Or, will everyone go back to their lives? Until the next March.

Homeless Crisis: Will you still visit SF?

Tourism in San Francisco is down—both personal and business conferances. Many people believe it's because of the increased homelessness problem. Has the homeless crisis impacted your desire to visit the city by the bay?

Is it finally time to QUIT Social Media?

Trust is consistently being reported as one of the most important issues facing the world today. Trust in the media, the government, tech, and each other. It's a time when people are being attacked on social media for expressing their opinions, and freaked out by how their personal information is being exploited.

[to my boss] You want me to sign what? now?

I work for a small start up with 20 people. We were in 2 days of leadership meetings and then I was scheduled to be on PTO for a long weekend in NY with my husband. I knew the board was finalizing a new funding round and they were expecting it to close in the next day or 2.

On the 6 hour plane ride to NY on Thursday I received a slack message from my boss saying I needed to sign a document. 30 minutes later he asks for my husband's email because he needs to sign also.

I land in NY where it takes us hours to get from the airport to the hotel and we had dinner plans and show tickets. I ask what the document is and he says it is simply agreeing that the company can have first right to buy my shares when I want to sell them. My husband’s document asks him to agree as my spouse that he read the Agreement and agrees to the terms of it but he actually hasn’t been sent the agreement. Nor have I.

At this point my boss is asking me to sign the documents that evening but it is already after 9 pm for us and we are in a broadway show. I decide not to sign because I want to wait until the morning until I can focus on it. In the morning I ask for the agreement to which we are being asked to have read and agreed to. He sends it. We read it and we sign—not fully understanding what we are signing- but not seeing any red flags. The other 3 employees all signed the night before.

While we did not delay the close of the funding round we gave the CEO the impression we were asking to potentially modify the agreement and he came to the conclusion we didn’t trust the leadership. He sends me a fairly snarky comment to that effect. I believe in order to avoid that outcome I just needed to immediately sign the document and ask my husband to do so as well. What would you have done ?

Is border enforcement now a form of child abuse?

Since the 'zero tolerance' border enforcement policy has gone into effect for immigrants illegally crossing the border, thousands of children have been taken from their families and locked behind chained fence walls near the boarder.

Should ABC have fired Rosanne Barr?

Ms. Barr posted a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, an African-American woman and senior adviser to Barack Obama. ABC’s entertainment president, Channing Dungey, said in a statement that “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.”

My Wife's Cooking is Terrible

Family dinners are not good, neither is any meal for that matter, what should I do? My wife has been making terrible food for what is approaching 20 years now. I should have known after that horrendous Baked Ziti she made for dinner on her first try, but I was optimistic. In 20 years the cooking hasn't gotten any better. I can not afford to eat out everyday for dinner. What I have been doing is eating a good lunch and just tolerating the dinners.

My Girlfriend Is a Mistress

I consider myself a pretty good friend to those closest to me. And I usually have a very high tolerance on moral judgment, but I’ve been struggling with one girlfriend for the last few months. She’s been “dating” a married man who has a child, and I put dating in quotes because I don’t believe it’s real dating when one of the parties involved has a spouse. It’s just cheating, isn’t it? If it were anyone else I’d say yuck what a piece of sh*t for carrying on some affair with a married man. But because it’s a close friend of mine I gave it some time hoping the relationship would end and she’d get her head back on straight. But it doesn’t seem to be headed that way. There seems to be no end to the affair in the immediate future even though she wants him to leave his wife and he won't. He probably won't ever. I don’t know what to do? I really don’t approve. But I don’t want to come off as morally superior…

$500 on a wedding? I barely know you!

My cousin's getting married. I'm happy for him, but I barely know him. I've met his bride twice. I'd love to be a part of their big day, but the wedding is six hours away by car, and I'm a single mom to a two year old son.

Here's my problem. If I don't go, my parents and other family members will be incredibly disappointed in me.

If I leave my son with a sitter overnight and fly in, it will cost me at least $560 for the flight, sitter and gift.

If I drive, the cost falls to $385 for gas, sitter and gift.

If I drive and take my son with me to save on the sitter, I will arrive exhausted and frazzled from driving alone for seven hours with a toddler screaming in the back seat. This option will cost about $185.

It seems like no matter what I do, I'm screwed. Not to mention that I don't even have the $500 to spend.

What would you do?

Let my kid pull my hair?

I’m a guy with below the ear curly hair. I have a 6mo LO who loves to pull on my hair, and even pull my face to hers to give me a “kiss.” I love it.
But, I’m afraid this is setting a bad norm for her. She’s starting to pull everyone’s hair! What should I do?