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Is professional wrestling a sport?

Everyone’s gotten into that argument with there friend before. “Is wrestling real?” Now, I’ve been watching it for most of my life and I will say, yes it is real; people enact stunts that inflict bodily harm. However, it is scripted, much like all those “reality” TV shows you watch (Sorry to break it to you). So, the question is now, is it a sport? It involves a great deal of physical aptitude, more than some of the most popular sports around today. The competition on screen is pre-determined but, it doesn’t make the behind the scenes competition any less real, wrestlers having to fight for their position in the company by doing what they do and doing it well. If there is specific criteria for a sport, I’d like to hear it also.

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Business leads

What is working better for your business in generating new lead?

It's a long-debated grammatical conundrum. Is the Oxford comma something that we should still be using? I know I still do it, and the importance of it is illustrated in the image below.


I actually agree that the Oxford comma should be used. Especially now that people only scan, the more visual breaks you can provide before people get distracted by the run on, the better!

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"It’s Not a Drinking Problem" - My Doctor, 2017

This past weekend at a party, I became really invested in a case of beer. And like any good investment, I made it pay out. This is basically routine for me, though. Work hard during the week, weekend comes along, spend two days with friends treating my liver like a piggy bank for alcohol, rest up one day, repeat the following week. Whenever I see my general physician, they’ll go through the motions, asking me what I drink, smoke, pop, and kiss. I tell them what I do, and it doesn’t seem to bother the doctor all that much, so long as I don’t make a habit of drinking a lot every single day. And despite how much I drink, I never run into trouble or cause a problem, and my health stays in check. I just feel like the routine itself may be a problem or that one day because of this, I may actually begin to experience problems, contrary to professional opinion. So, what is it? Should I be concerned or is this common?

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If you go on a date and you aren't that into it but the other person keeps texting, is it okay to ghost them and just completely stop replying?

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What's the best wireless carrier?

We've been using AT&T for the past few years. The mobile plan we have is something we've been grandfathered into, but it's starting to cost a lot. Plus, we don't have unlimited data, which is something most plans have nowadays.

We are currently paying over $200 dollars for 15GB of data for three lines (two mobile phones and one tablet). About $50 of that is for the devices themselves, since everything is paid in installments these days.

Is there a better option? We specifically need lines and data for 2 phones and 1 tablet. If none of the big four are a good option, leave a comment telling me what is.

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What type of phone should I get?

My iPhone 6 is dying, and I can upgrade to a new phone. I'm not sure what to get.

The last two phones I've used were both iOS phones, but before then I was happy using Android HTC phones. The initial reason for switching to an Apple phone was because I bought a Macbook, and it was easier to sync. Now, my Macbook is officially dead, and I'm only using a Windows 10 PC at home. I have no plans to get a laptop yet, so syncing wouldn't be a reason for me to keep using Apple.

What should I get?

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An Awkward Threesome

I’ve been hanging out with two women lately, both very cool individuals but, I’m afraid it’s becoming a bit weird and somewhat immoral for me to keep seeing them. The gist of it is, both these women are friends, not great friends, but still. And, I have been completely honest and open with my intentions throughout our relations; it’s just casual. Didn’t seem to bother either one that I would hang out with the other (for the most part). But I think it’s created an unintentional riff between everyone. And despite how everyone is being laid back and cool, should I be responsible enough to either pick one to get serious with or end it with both, or just continue on until the end of time, or until it explodes in my face or fizzles out, etc? I also do not want to risk losing a friendship with one if I do settle down with the other.

(Photo by David on Unsplash)

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Screwed at a Bachelor Party (Not the Fun Kind)

I was invited to a bachelor party for my cousin’s new fiance. Great guy, love him and all, but I was still reluctant to go. After enough persuasion I decided I would join in. The trip was going to cost everyone a small amount which I knew going in. What I didn't know was that the figure would increase in size, reminiscent of the bill you get from your cell phone company with all the hidden charges. The original figure for the trip was $75 for a place to stay. But as soon as the the Bachelor party drew nearer, mind you after I agreed to go, the guy putting it together sent a group text stating the new price was $165. As you could guess, I was less than thrilled. The new amount came from a bunch of food, rentals, etc, that were not listed in the original quote. All of that being taken care of is great but, not without my consent. And, to top it off, the guy putting it together went over that budget even after stating it, so I had to put in an extra $25 in the hole. All in all I agreed to the trip for $75 and ended up sinking about $200. I didn't want to say anything and cause a fuss but, basically, I feel like I got screwed. Should I have expressed my displeasure at the whole thing or nah?

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Close Friend's Wedding or VIP Trip to the Masters?

Boss buys a VIP ticket to the Masters with all travel/hotel expenses paid as a reward, but it happens to be on the same day as a close friend's wedding. What would you do?