After being a business owner for more than 5 years, I have decided to get back into corporate life. How long should I plan to be in this "newbie" / adjusting stage? I'm a month in and don't feel completely settled yet.

Have mold in our rental town home. Have to live in temporary housing until we find a new home. 4 months pregnant, have 2 year old, and husband is sick from mold. We don't know if we will be reimbursed for rent or temporary housing. Should we:


I recently moved in with my fiancé and no longer have a garage to park my car. it's a pain in the ass to constantly keep track of where I parked my car and manage when to move it so that I don't get 1 million tickets. should I do?

I've been super busy this ski season planning for our wedding in May. But its been the best snow season we've had in years! Last weekend I went and spent most of the time falling and picking myself up because Im not used to so much snow.Good thing I only lightly hurt my thumb. Should I take the risk and go again?

A few kids have been accused of posting racially offensive pictures on social media. Read the story here:


My boyfriend of several years needs to move to a new place in the next few months, but in the same city we are both living in. He seems to use "Me" or "I" and not "us" when referring to looking for a new place or our future situation. I know that should concern me. I am trying to figure out the best way to bring this to his attention during a time that is very stressful for him and I think this may lead to us parting ways/breaking up. I should note that I'm not 100% sure I want to move in with him at this point anyway. I love him and see a future with us together, but I also really love where I'm living and my place is not big enough for the both of us.

Amazon Web Services has been attacked and all the big players—Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Box, and more— that host their web services on this platform is at the mercy of this AWS attack []. Google Cloud Services came out unscathed.


I do not have enough information on this yet to make a case against Google.

I feel like the only way to work out daily is to abandon nice clothes and be in work out gear constantly. that way i can run or walk anytime. otherwise it takes up too much time.


He asked me to marry him. We are engaged. He thinks that means I should move in with him now. But I am worried that if I move in that he will stall on marrying me.


We need to get married in order to start having kids. This will be a shorter engagement đź’Ť than most.