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He Left Her

Well. My sister decided not to move out of her place that she shared with her boyfriend. She insisted on staying by his side and “helping him” in his recovery from his motorcycle accident. Even though he asked for some space to deal with the news that he will never be able to have children as a result of his injuries.

And so HE left. He told her that she deserves better than him, because he’s broken, quite literally. Sigh.

My sister is inconsolable right now. She believes he will come back. She believes they are soul mates. She now regrets not having listened to him and given him the space he asked for. I don’t think he will ever come back to her. He probably needs therapy of his own to work out his issues. Do I tell her this?! I feel so bad for her!

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Gym Pet Peeves

My quandree more of a curiosity of mine for my fellow gym people on here. I've been working out for nearly 6 years at this point and I'm starting to think I've seen it all. I'm going to tell you all about a few of my biggest pet peeves I experienced in the gym and I want to know if any of you share in my annoyance.
#1: By far my biggest pet peeve is when people do not put weights or other equipment back after they have finished using it. Like not only does this make other people think that the equipment is still in use and thus unavailable to them but sometimes if it is on or near other equipment it may even prevent people from using that equipment as well. Recently when I was in the gym I witnessed a couple kids repeatedly leave weights behind and never go back for them. Finally, I asked them if they were finished with the weights they'd just left behind at a pair of benches, when they said they were I asked if they were planning to put the weights away. It was like the suggestion was a novel concept to them like they'd never expected to have to put back what they were using after they finished.
#2: My second biggest pet peeve is when people are not actually using a bench but will still leave stuff on or near it and claim to be using it when asked. Like someone who will put their phone and or water bottle on a bench while they do standing curls then use the bench to rest the weights on between sets and when someone who actually wants to use the bench for it's intended purpose asks to use it they are told no because the current person is "using it".
#3: My third biggest pet peeve has only happened to me a few times but when it does it is quite frustrating. That is when a person knowingly steals the equipment you are using and refuses to return it to you and/or takes it with them when they are finished. One time that sticks out in my mind, I was doing supersets (which is where you shift rapidly between two or more exercises with little to no break in between) and I had just finished a set of seated bicep curls and left my bench to go do pull-ups, upon returning I noticed a man sitting on my bench using the weights I'd left behind. I politely waited for him to finish his set then asked if I could have my bench back as I needed to do my next set. The man refused, saying that I had left and that I could have the weights and bench back when he was done (I'd been gone max 2 mins). I told him what I was doing, that I was going back and forth and that he could work in with me if he wanted but he still refused to give me the weight, the bench, or the time to do a set while he was resting.

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Black Athletes For Lease

I can not support the NFL anymore. I thought it was very un-American to try and silence peaceful protesters. The men and women of the United States Armed Forces have died fighting to protect my freedom to stand up against injustice and inequality. To protest peacefully only honors that sacrifice, those that choose to try and silence the protesters instead of becoming educated on the reason behind the protest are the ones who truly disrespect the flag freedom and the men and women of the service. I will not be watching any games this season because Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned. When the NFL shows they respect human rights and human decency I may return as a fan. What are you going do?

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Quitting a job

I'm getting ready for a career change. I've been at my current company for years, and I want to give them as much notice as possible, but I don't have my new job lined up yet. I currently work in a niche market, so it will take a minimum of a couple months to find my replacement. What should I do?

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Returning home from traveling

I've just returned home from traveling for the first time in 2 years, and I've lost contact with a bunch of friends from home over the past couple of years. I tried keeping in touch with them, but a lot of them stayed here at home working while I was out traveling. Now that I'm home, I would like to reach out and see if they would like to catch up, but I feel like they don't want to, because they're the ones who stopped responding. Do I reach out to them anyway?

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My best friend is engaged to the most boring man!

I've been friend's with this girl for over a decade. We went to high school together, lived together, and tell each other everything. She's been seeing this guy for the better part of a year and is totally smitten with him. She's had trouble staying in committed relationships in the past but has been talking seriously about her future with this guy. I'm really happy for her and excited to see her grow and mature enough to be in this place in her life, but my only problem is with the guy. She's a total spitfire, ambitious to a fault, smartest girl I know, and totally hysterical. He's, well, dull. He's nice enough to her and all, but I've never heard him crack a joke, he's totally content with his midlevel job and doesn't see the need to move up in his career, and I've never been able to have a substantial conversation with him. She's happy, and that's all that's supposed to matter, but I can't help but think that she deserves more than this dud.

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Overcoming Skeptics

I have a website that offers and absolutely free service but everybody is reluctant to check it out. What would make you check out a chance to win free money?

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Separation versus Divorce

I’ve been separated from my husband now for a year, and I feel like the time has just flown by. Usually they say that time flies when you’re having fun. Well, I haven’t been having much fun. Sure, I am happier and more at peace living on my own, but does that constitute “fun?” Whether it does or not, does the fact that the time has flow so fast really mean that I’m better off without him? I've gotten lots of advice from both married people and divorced people, and my head hurts from all the differing opinions. But I do know that I don’t miss him, per se. Sure, I miss things about being in a relationship and the good times we shared, but I don’t really miss him specifically in my daily life. What does that say about me and our marriage? Is it time to divorce?

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My Wife's Cooking is Terrible

Family dinners are not good, neither is any meal for that matter, what should I do? My wife has been making terrible food for what is approaching 20 years now. I should have known after that horrendous Baked Ziti she made for dinner on her first try, but I was optimistic. In 20 years the cooking hasn't gotten any better. I can not afford to eat out everyday for dinner. What I have been doing is eating a good lunch and just tolerating the dinners.

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Juggling school and family

A few months ago I decided to go back to school. Because I am paying my own way I am required to work 40 hours a week as well as the 20 + hours of work and being a functioning part of my little family (my husband and I). I'm trying really hard to make sure I give everything the attention it deserves but it's difficult to balance three things that all requie 100% of my attention. I want to make sure I'm not falling behind but I need a break. Where should I cut myself some slack?