Back In The Dating Game

I don't know that I have an actual "type" in men, except that I do want someone tall and somewhat fit and good looking. But now that I'm in my forties I wonder if I need to just grown the hell up and look beyond the surface. I've read some research recently indicating that attractive women are better off with much less attractive men, for a number of "scientific" reasons. Do I consider myself an attractive woman? Yes. Have I ever dated significantly less attractive men? No. Should I try?

Should I move in with my friend and her boyfriend?

So I got my dream internship in New York creating science videos and I am absolutely thrilled. The only problem is that being an intern pays peanuts and living in New York is crazy expensive. My best friend offered to let me stay with her and her boyfriend for the six months I'll be there, but they live in a studio apartment. I know she means it but I would feel really uncomfortable invading their space and not having any of my own. The alternative is getting a room in an overpriced apartment with a bunch of strangers. It would be responsible of me to save money but I just don't know how realistic living in a studio with three people is.

The Flu Shot- To get or not to get

I am so torn about the flu vaccine. People say you should get it every year, but it only covers a specific strain. I know people who have gotten it and they still get the flu. Plus, it only gives you 10% protection against the flu. The science changes so fast, it seems like it isn't trustworthy. What do you think? Should everyone get the vaccine?

Screening for cancer

I was at the doctor recently, she told me that the coverage for screenings has changed. Men are not screened for prostate cancer any more. Women's pap smears are now being covered every 3 years instead of yearly. Breast screenings are now going to be be offered less frequently as well. This really freaks me out. I feel like the best survival for cancer is to catch it early. Should insurance keep paying for yearly screenings?

Are cute shoes worth the pain?

I love a pair of shoes of mine, I really love them. The problem is, they are too small. They kill my feet every time I wear them. Is fashion worth the pain???

Is being a teacher worth it?

I've come to a crossroads in my life where I'm looking at different career paths. The degree I picked up in college is streamlined for a teaching career but, I never went into it and went into a couple different fields. With the amount of inconsistency on my resume, it's difficult to find a reputable job that pays well also. Teaching is an easy transition because of my degree and, well, it's not that difficult to teach, granted at a low level at least. And, the time you get off is unmatched from what I know because summers are still a thing.

I'm just wondering if there's room for growth like there is in any other field, where my career can gain traction and won't hit a dead end; for instance, the opportunity for better positions, better pay, etc. I have a plethora of questions about it but, I'm just looking for perspective mainly. Is it a good career choice or should I stay clear of it?

New camera

I've been thinking about getting a mirrorless camera for some time now. I have a DSLR, but it's old and there are scratches on the lens- basically worthless. I've been meaning to take some online photography classes and improve my photography skills, but as of right now, I don't have a proper camera. Since this is something I've been really looking into, should I just bite the bullet and buy a new (expensive) camera?

Broke single mom + rich single woman = friends?

Short version: We were roommates in college and had some good times together, after which our path diverged entirely. She inherited millions, globetrotted, bought rambling homes, enjoyed romances and literally never worked a day in her life. I worked hard to pay off tens of thousands in student debt, bought a rundown fixer-upper and fixed it myself, became a single mom at 38 and continue to work long hours in my chosen field. We're both now 40 and we've been out of touch for several years, largely because I was tired of feeling like the "poor relation." During our friendship, she would insist on going to fancy restaurants that I could never afford, and then paying the bill; staying at hotels I could never afford, and then paying the bill; I once brought my homemade wine for her to try, and she instead opened a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape (an $100 bottle). She has even said condescending things about poor people in front of me. Anyway, she has now reached out for a Christmas visit. My instinct is to say no, we're just too different, and frankly I have been quite enjoying life with other people in my "lower" class. What would you do?

Old feelings for an ex

I've recently started talking to my ex again after barely speaking for over 2 years. I barely thought about him these past 2 years, and have dated other people in the mean time. To be fair, I was out of the country for the 2 years, so having recently returned home, we started talking again. It's nice being with him, but I feel like these feelings I'm developing for him are only coming back because I am now home. I'm also leaving the country (again) soon for an unknown amount of time. Should I keep seeing him and see what happens, or should I cut it off before it gets serious?

Do you think animal abuse is criminalized enough?

Recently there has been a video circulating social media of a Canadian teenage throwing a cat a huge distance, so much so that the cat could have been killed (please do not look this video up if you are sensitive to that content.) The cat thankfully survived, but had his leg broken by the incident. The teenager was arrested, but people are concerned he will get off very lightly because of his age, and because animal abuse charges are rarely severe enough to match the crime.

I don't know about Canada, but here in the United States I see a lot of animal abusers get off with a fine and no jail time. I think there should a minimum jail sentence involved, and a ban on owning animals in the future. I believe that intentional animal abuse, especially by children and teens, is a precursor to murder and abuse of humans, and should be taken much more seriously.

Do you think that, in general, animal abusers are under-punished?