Which Service Do You Prefer?

Recently I have begun working as a DoorDash delivery driver. While this is not something I want to do (full-time) for long, it is working out pretty well so far. Starting to wish I'd started months ago instead of picking up that last job I did which made me only half as much per hour and with tons of stupid rules to go along with the poor pay. Anyway, that's a bit off topic. As I drive around and make deliveries I have occasionally run into other similar delivery services such as Grubhub and Ubereats. To my knowledge all of them typically work in similar ways, thought as someone who also looked into Ubereats, one difference that means a lot to me specifically between Ubereats and DoorDash is the lack of necessity to have a 4 door car. It's something that makes total sense if you are driving people around, but totally nonsensical when all you are driving around is food. (So to anyone out there thinking, like I did for so long, that you can't even deliver food because your car only has two doors, see if DoorDash is available in your area). Anyway, back to my question. I've never actually used any of these services myself before signing up to work for one of them, so I'm wondering, for people who have used these services before, do you typically have a preference of one over the others or is it just dependent on who delivers from your favorite places to eat?

America the dumb

Americans are so stupid about guns. Can we even be considered a civilized nation anymore?

It's not guns or mental health

Yet another shooting hitting the airwaves and the cycle continues...

Ya know, it's becoming a regular occurrence that we all hear about a tragedy, then we squabble and argue about who-knows-what and then things go silent until the next one. I'm tired of it. It's bad enough that awful things happen but then it starts becoming nuanced like any other cultural idiosyncrasy. Here's my two cents...

The thing is - we could all start bringing out personal agendas and opinions to the table as soon as tragedy strikes, trying to solve the matter, or piggy backing to promote or protect your own ideals but, when anything does happen, we all seem to forget one thing; people. People, from victims to violators, to bystanders and more, cannot be condensed into two categories in the midst of an issue. All I hear are people arguing about gun control or mental health, and then it starts becoming a clash of personal beliefs and changing laws. The fact is that no amount if spattering your opinion or changing policy is going to change people.

The fact is I could pass a Rorschach Test and file for a gun permit in the same day, and a week later open fire on a post office. No amount of reform or policy is going to change that hypothetical event because all changing laws or social dictum does is just that. It's part of the cycle. Every single day bad things happen. Am I saying that there is nothing we can do about it? No. What I am saying though is that, like cancer or world hunger, violence is a dense concept and can't be "solved" in a day. It's going to take the metaphorical "hours of lab research" to even begin to understand it; especially when it's a facet of human character and not a virus or sociological phenomenon. I believe our entire way of life has to change to even begin to fathom a world where this doesn't happen. Call me a fence sitter or over-philosophical but, it's something more than offering the typical diatribe nonsense you hear every day. Would you agree or disagree?

When is the right time to talk about gun control?

With yet another school shooting, we as a nation are once again at the gun control crossroads, where we must ask ourselves, when is the right time to talk about gun control? After each and every mass shooting, the two sides clash. What is better for the immediate aftermath of such a tragedy, thoughts and prayers for the deceased, or opening up talks about gun control and how to end this tragic pattern once and for all? I don't know if the quote really did come from Albert Einstein and I'm too lazy to look it up, but you've probably heard the quote "Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results." After each and every mass shooting, we hear that it is too early to be talking about gun control, that we have to let the families who suffered loss heal before we bring it up. And each and every time, before you know it, the shooting is a distant memory to all but those who lived it. We've tried these thoughts and prayers too many times and nothing is changing. When are we going to do something else since our current strategy is definitely not working? We need to start that change now! We need to ensure this last shooting doesn't become just another tragic moment in history, we need to keep it at the forefront of our minds each and every day and we need to confront our congressmen and senators and push and push until they change something. I don't know what increased gun control should mean, no guns, more guns, better background checks, more mental health checks for gun owners, I don't know, but at this point doing nothing is just an insult to those who have suffered through a shooting. I'm sure more of the survivors and families of those who lost people would prefer action over something as insubstantial and hallow as thoughts and prayers. If we continue to do nothing, I see a day not too far in our future where every single person in the United States will have a close personal connection to someone who has experienced or died in a mass shooting. Maybe then if not before there will finally be enough people willing to confront the problem, but I shudder to think how many more will have to die before the day when people finally realize, we've done nothing long enough, it's time to do something!

Meal/drink package

I'm staying at a resort in Mexico soon that offers an all inclusive meal/drink package with the hotel stay. It's quite expensive but I'm not sure how much we're going to drink/ want to eat, and if purchasing 3 meals a day + drinks will surpass this. Has anyone ever purchased an all inclusive package and were happy with it?

Instagram accounts

If you have/use Instagram, do you prefer to follow accounts that post personal photos and stories of what they're doing, or photos and stories of places and people they encounter? I'm currently abroad and am thinking of starting an account with stories and photos of people and places I visit, to really bring the viewers to that country.

Is Valentine's Day stupid or is it just me?

Valentines' Day just passed and, like many of you probably did, I did something special for the significant other. But, it's not that I really wanted to. I felt obligated to because well, it's Valentine's Day. Also, don't mistake me for a common ass either. Of course, I would love to do something special for my girlfriend but, it just irks me that there's a whole day dedicated to the ooey-gooey and the stigma that follows.

One, why is there a holiday that tries to condense something as magnificent as love into a typical ceremony? Two, why should there be a day that dictates when I should be doing something nice for someone? I feel like if I hadn't done anything then I would automatically be condemned for it (I dare you to prove me wrong). And, lastly, it's a day that excludes a great deal of people; ya know, people that aren't in relationships. Yes, some are happily single yet, for those others, this day really exacerbates that feeling of loneliness. And, to top it all off, I simply believe this is just a capitalist rake-in (don't think I didn't notice the $10 mark up on roses, Safeway).

But, I digress. Am I the only one that has a problem with this? What are your thoughts?

Background checks for guns

Do you think stronger background checks would help prevent school shootings? We clearly have a problem in the US with mass shootings, but it seems like people are very divided on what would actually help stop them from happening.

Opinion on tattoos & piercings?

As someone who's just gotten their first tattoo (and is already planning their second!), I want to know what your opinion on tattoos (as well as piercings) are?

Start a 2 week workout regime?

One of my friends just offered to train me for a couple of weeks in yoga, meditation, and HIIT. He would make a diet plan as well as a daily schedule for my work outs. I love working out and feel pretty in shape, and I don't really like to be told when and when not to exercise. Then again, I've never done something like this before. I don't know whether I should give it a shot or not.