Ethics of Finding Work

I am a burgeoning UX Designer and Web Developer, and as I continue my search for entry-level employment in the field I find myself continuously needing to oversell myself including stretching the truth on how long I've been working in the field and claiming to be fluent with a software I've only just started using. I'm usually a very honest person, and wouldn't even be doing things like this if it didn't feel like the only possibility of even getting an interview for that first position. My quandree is, is this normal? Do people do this often? Or should I stop stretching the truth and stick to the hard facts of the truth?

Living With an Old Crush?

In the coming year, I'm planning to move to a new city to live with an old college crush (and 3 other people). While I would be lying if I said I'd completely gotten over my feelings for her, it is true that I have long since given up pursuing a romantic relationship with her. For a while, it was because she was in a committed relationship and I valued our friendship more than it was worth being jealous of her boyfriend. Then as fate would have it she broke up with her boyfriend, right after I started dating my now long-term girlfriend whom I am still dating today. So now, here I am planning to share a house with this girl I've had suppressed feelings for over nearly 6 years. When I told a close friend about my intent to find housing with this girl, he told me he thought it would be a bad idea, but wouldn't say any more, telling me it should be obvious why it was a bad idea. While my girlfriend knows that I've had feelings for this girl in the past and I'm sure realizes that I still find the girl attractive she has told me that she would be okay with us living in the same house. Do you all think it would be a bad idea to live with this girl, even as part of a group? Before you decide you should know I am almost honest to a fault. If I even dream about cheating on my girlfriend I feel guilty about it. I'm not even the type to have one night stands even while nearly blackout drunk.


Society has always deemed bisexuality in women to be exciting and sexy while bisexuality in men is something taboo and "wrong." I've always considered myself an open-minded woman, especially when it comes to freedom in sexuality. I experimented and tried virtually everything there is to try in my twenties and thirties but consider myself heterosexual but flexible. But now in my forties I've met a man that I have amazing chemistry with, and he's opened up to me that he's bisexual and always has been but never came "out." So he has always had sex with men secretly even when in long-term relationships with women. But he wants to be honest with me because he sees a future with me. I'm not quite sure how to move forward...

How's your New Year's Resolution coming along?

It's just about two weeks into the new year and I'm guessing that many of us made New Year's Resolutions. Whether it be losing some weight, trying to be nicer to people, or achieving that goal we've always wanted, every year brings with it hope that we can always do better for ourselves.

But, at any rate, I'm curious as to how many people actually stick with it, if only just two weeks in. Are any of you still going strong right now? Have any of you actually kept your resolutions the whole year or even more before? I just feel that many people just talk the talk but never actually walk the walk.

So far I'm doing well. How's yours going?

Best College Coach Ever

Is Nick Saban the beast college coach ever?

Friends with a married man?

I'm single, and recently at a party I met a fun group of people. Several of them are now my facebook friends. One guy, who happens to be married, messaged me about going running. We had all been talking about a running group at the party, so he might be just trying to be nice, but I've been hit on by married men in the past so I'm very cautious about spending time with men who are married.

Transvestite Spouse

My husband sometimes dresses as a woman. It relaxes him and makes him happy, and I'm fine with it. However, he sometimes gets upset about it, worrying that he's crazy or a freak.
I want to suggest therapy, but I'm concerned that might offend him. I'm also worried we can't find a neutral therapist; they'll pressure him into either stopping what he's doing or doing it more often, depending on their biases. I want him to choose for himself.

The Last Jedi

Star Wars fans - what did you think of The Last Jedi? Love it? Hate it? I've heard so many conflicting opinions.

Should I stock up for the Polar Vortex?

I just moved to New York and I couldn't have had worse timing because the Polar Vortex/Winter Hurricane/Bomb Cyclone is about to make its way to the East Coast. Despite the dramatic terminology, I'm not all that worried about it. What I am a little concerned about is grocery shopping. I have some food in the fridge, but probably not enough to last me through the end of the week. I'm not going to want to venture out to a grocery store in the middle of a storm, but I could always just order something for delivery if I do end up running low. That would definitely cost more than grocery shopping, but it would save me a trip to the store.

New Dog Name?

The dog is a white husky, 6 months old. I have a few ideas: