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An Awkward Threesome

I’ve been hanging out with two women lately, both very cool individuals but, I’m afraid it’s becoming a bit weird and somewhat immoral for me to keep seeing them. The gist of it is, both these women are friends, not great friends, but still. And, I have been completely honest and open with my intentions throughout our relations; it’s just casual. Didn’t seem to bother either one that I would hang out with the other (for the most part). But I think it’s created an unintentional riff between everyone. And despite how everyone is being laid back and cool, should I be responsible enough to either pick one to get serious with or end it with both, or just continue on until the end of time, or until it explodes in my face or fizzles out, etc? I also do not want to risk losing a friendship with one if I do settle down with the other.

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I have 3 occasions where I need to buy a gift for my husband that are very close together. We are on a tight budget so I always feel stressed buying him a gift. Should I just go ahead and splurge even though money is limited? I can alway charge it, it's just more to pay off later.

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When you run into your friend's ex-boyfriend

So I just was at an event and ran into my friend's ex-boyfriend and his wife. My friend is doing OK now but was not OK for several years after their break-up. Even though her ex met his now wife after breaking up with my friend it was still hard for her to see their relationship unfold. So...he genuinely was interested to know how my friend was doing. He asked me to tell her hello from him, and it was heartfelt. Do I do it, or ignore it?

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who pays on the first date?

I am a woman in my late 40s and I am recently single after being in a long relationship for many years. I am worried that the dating scene may have changed. I am worried who should pay on first date. Please let me know who you believe should pay on the first date?

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Online dating age limit?

I am in my early fifties and have never used online dating. Am I too old for online dating? Please vote and then add a comment for which online dating service is best for older people.

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20th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in August, it was a busy time with family and we didn't celebrate in the big way we had always planned on with a weekend getaway just the two of us. Is it too late to try and get away, and what would be a good destination in the midwest area.