The last guy I dated didn't understand why I wouldn't introduce him to my kids. We didn't date for very long, and my policy is not to expose my kids to guys who might not be around in a year - how long is appropriate to wait to introduce a new boyfriend to them?

A few kids have been accused of posting racially offensive pictures on social media. Read the story here:

We went to the DMV to take my daughter's driving permit test and someone taking the test was using his cell phone which is prohibited. The sign said that they were monitoring the test takers with audio and video recording, and cell phones were not allowed. My daughter wanted to tell the DMV employee that the man was using his cell phone during the test, but I wouldn't let her. I felt that it was not our business and did not affect her in any way if he was cheating on the test. My daughter felt it could affect her if he got his driving permit but didn't know the laws and caused an accident because of that. Did I do the right thing or should I have let her tell someone?


My son (8th grade) is a very smart student, but he is struggling with math. He does very well on his homework and on practice tests, but then does poorly in actual tests so his final class grades are always sub-par. What should I do?