It's a long-debated grammatical conundrum. Is the Oxford comma something that we should still be using? I know I still do it, and the importance of it is illustrated in the image below.


I actually agree that the Oxford comma should be used. Especially now that people only scan, the more visual breaks you can provide before people get distracted by the run on, the better!

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What do you think about #NetNeutrality?

If you haven't noticed already, it's an internet-wide day of action to save net neutrality. It's trending on Twitter, and major websites have adopted ads and notifications to alert people about this movement.

Net Neutrality are a set of rules that keep the internet free and open — allowing you to share and access information of your choosing without interference. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has unveiled his plan to dismantle Net Neutrality, and on May 17th, the FCC has voted to let his plan move forward.

I think that allowing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to control our internet speed and access is a violation of our freedom of speech. It allows ISPs to put up extra pay walls on top of what's already happening, such as the "pay $50 more a month to have unlimited data" that Comcast already does. Now that our lifestyles and livelihood are dependent on the internet, restricting our access online is equivalent to restricting what we do in the real world. Streamers, like me and countless others on YouTube and Twitch, won't be able to provide content, if ISPs decide that we need to upgrade to a "content creator" package we can't afford in order to get the speeds that we need to do our jobs.

I feel the need to be vocal about this issue, because it's a direct violation of our rights. On the other hand, I have peers who believe that having net neutrality repealed won't change things from the way they are. Their thought is that we were doing fine before the rules were in place, will continue to be fine after, and that the movement happening today is an overreaction.

What are your thoughts?

More information about this:

List of previous net neutrality violations:

Send a letter to FCC and Congress:

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Best Summer Book

What book should I read next this summer?

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Would you vote to keep Planned Parenthood?

President Trump signed legislation on Thursday aimed at cutting off federal funding to Planned Parenthood. [Read the full story:] Would you vote to keep funding for Planned Parenthood?

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Trump's Best Foreign Trip Moments

President Trump has had a buzz-worthy moments on his first foreign trip. Which is your favorite?
(See recap here:

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Best Bank

What is the best place to bank with?