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Quitting a job

I'm getting ready for a career change. I've been at my current company for years, and I want to give them as much notice as possible, but I don't have my new job lined up yet. I currently work in a niche market, so it will take a minimum of a couple months to find my replacement. What should I do?

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Working From Home Is Still Working

I recently restructured my whole business so I could work from home and be home more for my children. Most everyone in my life is very supportive of this, and I’m quite content with my decision. With that being said, I am still having the same problem I did in the past where a few friends insist on dropping in unannounced or calling multiple times a day when I’m working from home. It’s almost like they think I’m just lounging around with nothing to do, when in fact I’m probably busier now than before since I am working remotely from home. I know they probably wouldn’t do this if I had a job where I had a boss and was chained to a desk from 9 to 5, but then I wonder if maybe they would? They have jobs of their own and I wouldn’t ever dare to do this to them. So is this just a matter of them being selfish and having no regard for the work I do, just because I do it from home? Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Moving to a New Town

I just moved from Chicago to a very, VERY little town in Alabama for a job, which is apples and oranges. I had a really hard time moving here and have been very closed minded about living in “hick town.” My town has one of this old-timey gas stations and a population of 200, THAT’S IT. I’m not used to having to drive 45 minutes to Starbucks, or a clothing store, or any form of civilization. To top it all off, I’m homesick and I miss my Chi-Town based family. Plus, everything here smells like manure. While not trying to, I feel superior to all the people here, which is super pretentious of me, but I can’t help it. What should I do?

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What is a respectable side-gig?

My profession is unpredictable. Some months are good and some months are bad in terms of profit. I am always thinking about respectable ways to make more money outside of my career. I could do all of these options, but only have time for one. Please tell me what you think would be the most lucrative.

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Should I go help with hurricane relief?

I recently got an email calling veterans to help out with the relief efforts from the recent hurricanes.I have family or friends in both Houston and Florida, but have not made any effort to help them yet. I'm aware the damage is expansive and the full scope of the damage won't be visible until the local economy has recovered. Some people tell me it's the worst that they've ever had it, other tell me the situation isn't so bad.
I have the ability to go down there and help while working, but I have not yet made up my mind, because doing so would strain my relationship and force others to take care of my dog while I'm gone. Also, the time frame is not yet known.
I feel a civic, friendly and familial calling to join Team Rubicon and go there, but I can't say with any certainty that it will be a worthwhile experience.

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What Project Should I Do First?

I have 4 projects that I have been thinking about working on for a while now but I can't choose which one to do first.

The first project is a workout logging mobile application. I started the project a while ago by doing extensive user research and competitor analysis but I haven't done anything on it since then. I have a vested personal interest in the project because I workout a lot and have never been able to find that perfect application for logging my workout progress. However, since I am only designing the visuals and have no coding experience I don't know how to go about making it a reality so I feel the more I work on it, the more I get done, the harder it's gonna be for me since I realize it's an even longer shot I can even get someone to actually create the application for me.

The second project is a check-splitting mobile application. Again I started the initial designs awhile ago and while I don't have much user research I do have some solid early visual designs. So my next step would be conducting user research and polishing my earlier designs. It's not a project I feel particularly strongly about, but it is an app that many people have told me they would use if I could actually create it. It is less ambitious than the workout logging application so I think it's something I could actually end up making a reality easier than the workout logging application.

The third project is redesigning a website for a company that I go to pretty often. I know the owner pretty well and while his website is by no means bad I think it could use a little spruce up. I have reached out to see if he'd both be okay with me redesigning his website and to see if he'd help me out with the research aspect. I don't have any website projects currently complete that I actually like, so I am pretty lacking in the web department. Jobs are often looking for people who have experience in both web and mobile and right now I only have mobile projects so I feel that companies are just dismissing me out of hand because of that gap.

The fourth and last project I am thinking about is creating a kind of advertisement website for my family's beach house. Here I have a vested interest because my family is thinking of selling the house and I don't want them to sell. The website would hopefully encourage more people to rent the house and thus give my family the income they need to hold onto the house long enough for me to save up to start taking care of it myself at some point in the future. The only problem is I've never attempted to create anything like this and I'm not even sure about how to get started with creating it. Plus it would be the only project of the 4 that I would be starting from scratch which is tough in it's own right.

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UX Design or Writing

So I recently took a course that was supposed to prepare me for entering the UX Design field but I've been having trouble even getting interviews with companies let alone job offers. As I am quite broke at the moment I can't really afford to work for free in order to build real world experience for very long.

However, I have started trying to find freelance writing gigs as well as writing a book I've been thinking about writing for over 2 years now. I have already had more luck finding writing work in a few weeks than I have had in finding UX jobs in almost 2 months.

My problem lies in that people keep telling me I should focus exclusively on one or the other and not try to do both, even if writing is right now just a past time while I search for a UX job.

What should I do?

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Should I apply to my dream job?

I've been eyeing a company for a while, and I love everything they do. I'm a very vocal and active user of their platform. I'm a fan of their service, people, and culture. I really want to work for them, but the thing is, I don't have much experience in the industry/field.

My background is a marketing designer, emphasis on graphic design. The positions I'm looking at are in community management and/or partner management.

I know the service and platform like the back of my hand, and I'm a very active participant in their community. I know they value culture fit above other things. I also know that they've hired users of their platform, but I'm not sure what their background was like. I've talked to other people about this, and they told me to apply, but I'm still not confident about it.

What should I do?

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Business leads

What is working better for your business in generating new lead?

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Work Calls While on Vacation.

I took a short, five-day vacation. I didn't bring my computer on purpose. The day I am set to fly home, while I am soaking up last minutes with my niece and nephew, my boss starts calling me. What do I do? I am an hourly employee at a non-profit, with minimal benefits.