Sleepless on Alcohol?

I recently started trying new types of alcohol, buying various kinds from the grocery store to drink them at home. Usually I don't drink by myself, but I figured having a bottle/can a night, maybe twice a week, wouldn't be harmful. But I recently noticed something about myself that I never noticed before - alcohol gives me energy. I drank a single bottle of beer around 6-7 pm, but it kept me up all night! I absolutely couldn't sleep. It energized me more than a cup of coffee.

I've talked to a few people about it, but they've never heard of this effect. Alcohol is supposed to be a sedative, but a single beer made me energetic. I'm not a stranger to alcohol; the beer barely affected me in any other way. I'm a little irritated that I'm not going to be able to have a single bottle of beer unless I drink it before 4 pm! Does anyone else have this reaction to alcohol? No one else I've talked to has had this reaction. How do I enjoy a bit of alcohol without being awake all night?

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Ok, so my friends and I are having an argument here and we need to settle it. I thought this was obvious but apparently not. For centuries the hot dog and the sandwich have been considered different anomalies, as I understood. But, apparently some people out there group them into the same category.

By definition, they are the same. Meat in bread with toppings at your discretion. So, why do we classify them differently?

I never asked myself that but it raises a good question. In fact, this argument escalated well past hot dog. We went into burgers, tacos, you name it; how do we categorize food? It damn near caused an existential crisis. So before you answer, really ask yourself what a sandwich is and how it differs from a hot dog/etc. Really. Think.

A big bowl of fruit loops or m&ms?

My friends and I fell into a huge debate about which we would rather eat: a bowl of fruit loops or m&m. I was surprised how passionate everyone was about their particular answer. What's your answer: would you rather eat a big bowl of fruit loops or m&ms? Then comment on why!

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