The Flu Shot- To get or not to get

I am so torn about the flu vaccine. People say you should get it every year, but it only covers a specific strain. I know people who have gotten it and they still get the flu. Plus, it only gives you 10% protection against the flu. The science changes so fast, it seems like it isn't trustworthy. What do you think? Should everyone get the vaccine?

Screening for cancer

I was at the doctor recently, she told me that the coverage for screenings has changed. Men are not screened for prostate cancer any more. Women's pap smears are now being covered every 3 years instead of yearly. Breast screenings are now going to be be offered less frequently as well. This really freaks me out. I feel like the best survival for cancer is to catch it early. Should insurance keep paying for yearly screenings?

Are cute shoes worth the pain?

I love a pair of shoes of mine, I really love them. The problem is, they are too small. They kill my feet every time I wear them. Is fashion worth the pain???

Where should I do my Cristmas shopping?

Christmas is coming up and I have no idea what to get my family and friends. This happens every year and it becomes increasingly difficult to be original. I'm torn between making the effort to go out to stores to look around and find inspiration or staying at home and hoping something comes to mind. There's really no certainty in either endeavor but I'm more likely to find things out shopping but, I also have the convenience of staying at home and ultimately having any item in the world at my finger tips. I just don't know what that item is unfortunately. Are there any tools you use to help you find gifts?

In any case, do I go to the stores to find something or stay at home and hope for inspiration to strike?

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

So, as we're all painfully aware due to the fact that places started advertising for it back in October, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. Normally I adamantly abstain from making purchases around this time due to the chance of making impulse purchases I know I'll come to regret. However, I am thinking of making an exception this year in favor of getting the best deal possible on something I've been thinking about purchasing for awhile now!

I am also trying desperately to save up as much money as possible in an effort to move away from home ASAP since I'm neither happy with where I am right now nor what I'm doing.

Should I take this opportunity and treat myself to something that may be more expensive if I don't act soon or should I hold myself back yet again and wait until I'm 100% positive that I have the money for it and am not saving for something even more expensive like moving to a new state?

Favorite Holiday

Here's a pretty simple question for everyone, but one that I'm honestly curious about. Especially to see what the differences are between age groups and other demographics. What is your favorite holiday?

I'm personally expecting most people to say Christmas or Halloween or even if there's anyone else out there who like me doesn't like the fact that most people seem to jump straight from Halloween to Christmas and forget all about Thanksgiving.

I don't know if it's the way I was raised or the traditions my family held for as many years as possible or even just the fact that I was born in the month of November, but I've always loved Thanksgiving the best of all the big holidays. Sure, I had a sweet tooth as a kid and loved getting candy on Halloween, and who doesn't love getting presents on Christmas or finding eggs with candy or money in them on Easter, but to me, Thanksgiving was always the holiday I looked forward to the most. Something about just coming together with Family (and friends if possible) to sit down, enjoy some good home cooking, talk, and be thankful that despite all the shit that might have happened in the past year, you made it back here once again to say thank you to all those who have supported you.

So, what is your favorite holiday and why? Please vote and leave me a comment, especially if you have a cool family story/tradition to share.

Is Roy Moore a pedophile?

I've been seeing so many famous people lately accused of sexual harassment, and worse, in the media. I think it's good that women (and men, in at least one high profile story) are feeling like they can talk about the abuse they've been through. But I'm curious why it seems that everyone believes the powerful men in Hollywood did the things they're being accused of, while Roy Moore still has people defending him and saying he didn't do it.

I'm wondering why so many people have been defending Roy Moore. Is it just politics? What do you think - is he a pedophile?

Should I get bangs?

I am dying to get bangs. The problem is, I know they will eventually annoy me and the growing out process is such a pain. Should I get them or not?

Fired for exercising first amendment right.

A woman was riding past the current presidents motorcade that was on their way to a Trump golf course. When she rode past them she flipped them off. A white house photographer snapped a picture of her in the act and published it to social media without her face, tagging her, her name, or company she worked for and it quickly went viral.
The lady came clean to her company and they immediately fired for violating their social media policy.

Should she have been fired ?

Should I take advantage of Black Friday?

So, it's no big secret that Black Friday is coming up. Many of you have probably already seen advertisements and many others probably already know what they want. Every year, I tend to treat Black Friday more like the Black Plague but this year I have decided that I am going to be making more of an investment. My entire sentiment on a lot of things has changed, one of them being that I can get away with buying cheap. Buying cheap doesn't always fact, it really doesn't work that well at all, prompting me to actually find products that don't scrimp on quality but show for it in the price.

I'm thinking of upgrading all of my camera gear basically. However, I picked a hell of a time to do so because now that Black Friday is upon us, I feel the urgency to just buy everything at once in order to save a lot but, in the grand scheme of things, still spend a more than generous amount. The other option is to buy one product, see what I can actually do with it for my projects, then determine whether I could add to it, get more, accessorize, etc. But, this process takes time; time I don't have if I'm trying to save a bunch of cash. For all I know, I could end up buying something without ever needing it and wasting my money (Black Friday in a nutshell). The latter scenario, I save, and I save BIG. So, the problem is, do I buy in excess just once hoping it pays off or don't and perhaps waste an opportunity to save a lot of money? Yes, this is a very first world problem, I am aware...