When is the right time to talk about gun control?

With yet another school shooting, we as a nation are once again at the gun control crossroads, where we must ask ourselves, when is the right time to talk about gun control? After each and every mass shooting, the two sides clash. What is better for the immediate aftermath of such a tragedy, thoughts and prayers for the deceased, or opening up talks about gun control and how to end this tragic pattern once and for all? I don't know if the quote really did come from Albert Einstein and I'm too lazy to look it up, but you've probably heard the quote "Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results." After each and every mass shooting, we hear that it is too early to be talking about gun control, that we have to let the families who suffered loss heal before we bring it up. And each and every time, before you know it, the shooting is a distant memory to all but those who lived it. We've tried these thoughts and prayers too many times and nothing is changing. When are we going to do something else since our current strategy is definitely not working? We need to start that change now! We need to ensure this last shooting doesn't become just another tragic moment in history, we need to keep it at the forefront of our minds each and every day and we need to confront our congressmen and senators and push and push until they change something. I don't know what increased gun control should mean, no guns, more guns, better background checks, more mental health checks for gun owners, I don't know, but at this point doing nothing is just an insult to those who have suffered through a shooting. I'm sure more of the survivors and families of those who lost people would prefer action over something as insubstantial and hallow as thoughts and prayers. If we continue to do nothing, I see a day not too far in our future where every single person in the United States will have a close personal connection to someone who has experienced or died in a mass shooting. Maybe then if not before there will finally be enough people willing to confront the problem, but I shudder to think how many more will have to die before the day when people finally realize, we've done nothing long enough, it's time to do something!

Transvestite Spouse

My husband sometimes dresses as a woman. It relaxes him and makes him happy, and I'm fine with it. However, he sometimes gets upset about it, worrying that he's crazy or a freak.
I want to suggest therapy, but I'm concerned that might offend him. I'm also worried we can't find a neutral therapist; they'll pressure him into either stopping what he's doing or doing it more often, depending on their biases. I want him to choose for himself.

Friends with a married man?

I'm single, and recently at a party I met a fun group of people. Several of them are now my facebook friends. One guy, who happens to be married, messaged me about going running. We had all been talking about a running group at the party, so he might be just trying to be nice, but I've been hit on by married men in the past so I'm very cautious about spending time with men who are married.

The Last Jedi

Star Wars fans - what did you think of The Last Jedi? Love it? Hate it? I've heard so many conflicting opinions.

Sex On The First Date

So. After not talking on the telephone but just chatting on whatsapp for THREE MONTHS, I know I know, I finally met up with the "Texting But No Telephone" guy. And...our first date was great! It turns out that just texting/messaging for three months actually helped us get to know each other really well. And it felt like we'd known each other for a long time by the time we finally went out this weekend. So first of all, thank you to those of you who advised me not to just write him off. My question now is...he and I had sex, and technically it WAS the first date though it felt like we've known each other longer, so...should I have waited? I'm a grown woman in her forties and I feel like I'm in my twenties again doubting everything!

New Dog Name?

The dog is a white husky, 6 months old. I have a few ideas:

Out Of Nowhere Kiss Attempt

So I'm about a month away from officially filing for divorce. My children seem to be stable and happy and adjusting well to all the changes. Shared custody is working out so far. I am ready for a clean break and am looking forward to being officially divorced sometime in the new year. I thought my soon-to-be-ex-husband felt the same way. But this weekend when he came to pick the kids up, he tried to kiss me! On the lips. What the HECK?! I pulled away like he was on fire, and stuttered a bit and ran into my house and locked the door. AWKWARD?! I have NO intention of ever kissing him on the lips again. What was that? Is he crazy? Do I have to talk to him about what happened?

Who wears the pants?

A marriage can not exist as a democracy. When it comes to the final decision in a marriage who gets to make the final decision?

Should I stock up for the Polar Vortex?

I just moved to New York and I couldn't have had worse timing because the Polar Vortex/Winter Hurricane/Bomb Cyclone is about to make its way to the East Coast. Despite the dramatic terminology, I'm not all that worried about it. What I am a little concerned about is grocery shopping. I have some food in the fridge, but probably not enough to last me through the end of the week. I'm not going to want to venture out to a grocery store in the middle of a storm, but I could always just order something for delivery if I do end up running low. That would definitely cost more than grocery shopping, but it would save me a trip to the store.

Old feelings for an ex

I've recently started talking to my ex again after barely speaking for over 2 years. I barely thought about him these past 2 years, and have dated other people in the mean time. To be fair, I was out of the country for the 2 years, so having recently returned home, we started talking again. It's nice being with him, but I feel like these feelings I'm developing for him are only coming back because I am now home. I'm also leaving the country (again) soon for an unknown amount of time. Should I keep seeing him and see what happens, or should I cut it off before it gets serious?