20th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in August, it was a busy time with family and we didn't celebrate in the big way we had always planned on with a weekend getaway just the two of us. Is it too late to try and get away, and what would be a good destination in the midwest area.

Should i move in with him?

concernedcitizen's Side

He asked me to marry him. We are engaged. He thinks that means I should move in with him now. But I am worried that if I move in that he will stall on marrying me.

rockster8's Side

We need to get married in order to start having kids. This will be a shorter engagement 💍 than most.

Organic Non-GMO

Is organic non-gmo worth the added expense?

getting daily excercise

I feel like the only way to work out daily is to abandon nice clothes and be in work out gear constantly. that way i can run or walk anytime. otherwise it takes up too much time.

Internship, study abroad, or summer job?

I am a college student trying to decide how to spend the summer before my senior year. For the past 2 summers, I have done professional internships. This summer, I am considering pursuing another internship, studying abroad, or working at a summer camp. An internship would help me get a great job when I graduate from college and I would likely earn a good amount of money. Studying abroad is an opportunity I will probably only have access to as a college student and I've heard from friends that it can be an amazing experience. Working at a summer camp would be a great way to destress and relax while also earning money. Which should I choose?

Should we have said something?

My husband and I went to Chuys for a late lunch and were seated on the patio which was designated non smoking. As we finished our meal a young couple came out to the patio with drinks and set them down on the railing next to our table and lit up cigarettes. They were only about a foot away from our table, so the cigarette smoke was all over us as we tried to finish our lunch and beers. We thought it was pretty rude of them to smoke right next to our table while we were eating, especially since it was a non-smoking restaurant inside and on the patio. Should we have said something to them?

My Wife's Cooking is Terrible

Family dinners are not good, neither is any meal for that matter, what should I do? My wife has been making terrible food for what is approaching 20 years now. I should have known after that horrendous Baked Ziti she made for dinner on her first try, but I was optimistic. In 20 years the cooking hasn't gotten any better. I can not afford to eat out everyday for dinner. What I have been doing is eating a good lunch and just tolerating the dinners.

Moving In

My boyfriend of several years needs to move to a new place in the next few months, but in the same city we are both living in. He seems to use "Me" or "I" and not "us" when referring to looking for a new place or our future situation. I know that should concern me. I am trying to figure out the best way to bring this to his attention during a time that is very stressful for him and I think this may lead to us parting ways/breaking up. I should note that I'm not 100% sure I want to move in with him at this point anyway. I love him and see a future with us together, but I also really love where I'm living and my place is not big enough for the both of us.

Favorite Water Brand

What is your preferred water brand?