Would you live in Alaska (for money)?

I've heard that the entire state of Alaska pays its permanent residents every year as incentive to keep on living there. Every citizen gets over $2,000 no strings attached other than the stipulation that they live in the state. An extra two grand a year would be great to have but, I mean, it's Alaska. Sure I know how beautiful it can be but, that's really all it has going for it.

It's either dark for too long or the sun doesn't set, the average annual temperature is a measly 43 degrees, and there is much more uninhabited land than there is civilization. In fact, for being the largest state in the U.S. it's entire population is less than that of the city of San Francisco. All wilderness aside, common luxuries are taxed heavily because they have to travel a lot further. Not to mention most products you order online don't ship to Alaska, at least for the standard price. Hell, even most nationwide contests or lotteries are exempt in Alaska. So, is a meager two thousand dollars really worth it?

My husband's pranks are getting out of control!

This past Sunday was April Fool's Day/Easter. Usually every year my husband and I will go to a family lunch or a get together of sorts to celebrate. It's never usually a problem but, this year, since it landed on April Fool's Day, it became one. My husband likes to celebrate April Fool's every year as much as Easter. He pulls pranks at my expense and I brush them off as good old fashion fun but it's starting to get on my last nerves!

This year especially on the day we were supposed to visit family, he outdoes himself. He mixed in some clear glue into my styling gel, and when I put it in my hair, it clumped up! I ended up having to cut some off!!! I was more than livid considering not only did I have to cut my hair but, that I had to go see my family a few hours after. I think it's getting to a point where he's taking it too far. It's not charming or cute anymore but borderline abusive. I'm afraid if I talk to him that he won't take it seriously or he'll be offended or something like that. What do I do?

Should ABC have fired Rosanne Barr?

Rosanne Barr tweated and ABC Fired

Who will win the NCAA Tournament?

Everyone likes to root for the underdog - Can Loyolla pull off a huge upset and win the whole tournament? Who do you think will win?

Naked In The Bath With Someone Else's Child?

My ex-husband and I have two sons, aged 6 and 9. His new girlfriend, who is only 23 (18 years younger), seems to be doing a great job of caring for the children. For that I am grateful. My kids are pretty communicative with me and so when they return from their weekend's "at dad's" they give me the lowdown of what went on. I sincerely am happy they all seem to get along, but apparently last weekend, all the kids got in the bath together WITH their dad's girlfriend. Everyone was naked. Now, I'm not prude, but I couldn't help but feel sick to my stomach. I didn't want to alarm them so I didn't freak out, just said "oh how nice" but inside I was dying. When I recovered from my shock, I said to my boys that I'd be asking their dad to ask his girlfriend to maybe wear a bathing suit next time just so everybody is aware of privacy, but how lucky they were they got to have such bath times at their dad's. My boys agreed. I just feel like 6 and 9 are important ages for boys, and seeing me naked is one thing since I'm their mother... Or am I wrong?

Should I move out?

Being someone entering their late 20's, this should be an easy answer for most but, in this day and age, I'm just not sure if it's worth it. To clarify, I live in the Bay Area. On top of that, I don't have a very lucrative profession; certainly not anything close to the living means set by the national census, which, by the way, is an average annual income of over $100,000 for where I live.

My concern is that of pride and freedom. I would like to live my own life while also doing so alongside my peers. I want to be able to stay up or out as late as I want without disturbing anyone else. I want to be able to meet new people and say "Hey, welcome to my house.." or something like that. I want the space to do what I want, when I want basically.

But, oh god the money... If I could even conceive living on my own, I would absolutely have to scrape by, whatever that entails. It won't be pretty. I could potentially find roommates but that's a compromise; I would just end up living with others and having to watch my behavior all over again. I don't know, I'm just kind of stuck. Slave away to live, or live comfortably with my parents...or, I guess, pay a little bit and live with some friends/ strangers.

I'm just so deathly afraid of hitting that stereotype "30 years old living in my mom's basement" deal but, I know if I move out, my life is going to be hindered greatly in all other respects other than residence. So, what do I do? Has the paradigm shifted? Are there a lot of late 20 somethings out there still at home?

Is rental insurance worth it?

I recently took a road trip with some friends and was in charge of taking care of the rental. I found a car that came at a great price and ordered online. I went without the insurance on the order. I went with one of my friends to go pick it up. While at the counter and processing the order, the employee did the whole last minute attempt to get me to buy insurance. She even offered me a discount rate to try to make the sale. I was on the fence until my friend told me a story where they were hit in a rental before. So, reluctantly I paid more for it.

The thing is, I think it's just such a fricken scam. The price of the insurance was half the price of the entire rental. The likelihood of something happening while driving, to me, isn't worth the price, especially since the existence of the insurance is contingent on whether you pay for it or not. It's not like the company doesn't have it already.

And, no, nothing happened on the trip. We came home perfectly fine, car intact, the end. So, essentially, I was out extra cash for no reason. What do you think? Do you buy insurance when you rent?

Is Ghosting on someone OK?

I recently connected with someone who told me that they really wanted to join the war against fake. I was totally elated, and invited them into my life. I gave them full, anonymous access to the most honest unfiltered conversations on the internet. Then, they totally ghosted me. I haven't seen them in, like, a whole week! What's going on?