Soccer mom dilema

My son (9) has played soccer for the past 5 years and loves it. We have had good experiences with coaches in the past, but this year our experience wasn't as great. I know my son learned a lot and improved greatly this year, but I did not agree with the coaches style of coaching the kids.

Here are some of the things I didn't agree with:
1. He would tell the kids the games were for fun even if they didn't win. During the game, he would play to win and yell at the kids. Then after the game, he would apologize to certain kids for not playing them as much and tell them it was because he really wanted to win!
2. There were enough kids on the team to field two teams. He would start with one set of kids and then rotate out the whole team. I heard him many times say to the kids on the bench who were complaining they wanted to play "I know I know, but we have to give them a chance too" implying the ones complaining on the bench were better. NOT ok to say to 9 years old OR anyone for that matter.
3. During practices, he would demean other sports that the kids on the team played saying "baseball is a lazy sport".

So now my Quandree: He has offered to coach winter soccer for the team. My son loves the team. Should I give my son the option to play again with this team and coach?

Should you correct another parent?

People love to give unsolicited parenting advice. If you see another parent doing something "wrong," or you just think you have a better way, should you tell them?

Play date at a house where parents own a gun?

My son (9) met a new friend whose parents I don't know that well, but I know the husband is a gun lover. My son was invited over for a few play dates and I declined several times. My son and him are still close friends and continually ask for play dates so its gotten awkward and I feel like I need to be honest with the parents on why I'm not letting him have a play date. What should I do?

Abroad blahs

My teenager is currently abroad with a High School Program. She seems to be having a great time, communication is limited but she will text at the end of the day sending a few pictures here and there. While prepping for her trip, I tried to stock her up with OTC medications for those "just in case" moments. She scoffed, rolled her eyes and told me "the host family will have all that". "Are you sure? It would be best for you to have it already". "NO! That is dumb, I don't need to carry extra stuff with me."
Needless to say, I wasn't going to fight that battle. She is almost an adult and will be heading off to college in a year. So I will let her find out for her self and hopefully she is correct... SHE WAS WRONG!
She let us know last night she has not been able to eat since she arrived and is scared to eat, since it might go right through her. TMI, I know.
Now, I feel bad for her and I wish I had purchased the Imodium anyways and secretly stashed it in her almost overweight bag. BUT.. I also want to remind her how I WAS RIGHT and she should have listened to me!!

Kid Vacations

What's the best type of vacation to do with (pre-teenager) kids?

Introducing kids to a boyfriend

The last guy I dated didn't understand why I wouldn't introduce him to my kids. We didn't date for very long, and my policy is not to expose my kids to guys who might not be around in a year - how long is appropriate to wait to introduce a new boyfriend to them?

Which students should be punished?

A few kids have been accused of posting racially offensive pictures on social media. Read the story here:

Math struggles

My son (8th grade) is a very smart student, but he is struggling with math. He does very well on his homework and on practice tests, but then does poorly in actual tests so his final class grades are always sub-par. What should I do?

My son keeps hitting my daughter

My son is 1 1/2 years older than my daughter. He is often patient when she plays with him (they are 6 and 4). But he will frequently hit her. No matter what I do to handle this, he keeps doing it. I've used timeouts, sent him to his room, taken privileges away, talked to him, everything short of hitting him. I believe hitting him would just be hypocritical when I'm trying to send the message that you don't hit people.
What do I do to get him to stop?

Ongoing personal criticism for my parenting

My parents and one of my brothers have been relentless in their criticism of my parenting. They not only say things to me about all the mistakes they think I'm making and how my kids will be ruined, but they also treat my children badly. Especially my son, who they seem to think is completely a mess because of how he's being raised.

My kids are actually healthy, do well in school, have great friends, no drugs going on, and are active athletes. But because I homeschooled for a time, don't have an authoritarian approach, and encourage open dialog, my family seems to think I'm completely screwing up my kids.

My question: Do I continue to work to keep my kids connected with my family in spite of my family's bad treatment of my kids? or do I disconnect and just focus on my kids and shield them from the nasty remarks and behavior by my family? My family all lives at least 1000 miles away.