Old feelings for an ex

I've recently started talking to my ex again after barely speaking for over 2 years. I barely thought about him these past 2 years, and have dated other people in the mean time. To be fair, I was out of the country for the 2 years, so having recently returned home, we started talking again. It's nice being with him, but I feel like these feelings I'm developing for him are only coming back because I am now home. I'm also leaving the country (again) soon for an unknown amount of time. Should I keep seeing him and see what happens, or should I cut it off before it gets serious?

Who wears the pants?

A marriage can not exist as a democracy. When it comes to the final decision in a marriage who gets to make the final decision?

Jealous Ex

I get along really well with my ex husband most of the time, but he gets jealous whenever I start dating a new guy. It's been years. Every time there's a man's car in my driveway, he'll start showing up in the neighborhood randomly. He's never been violent, but it's an invasion of my privacy. Should I say something? Part of me doesn't want to rock the boat, since we share custody of our kids.

Out Of Nowhere Kiss Attempt

So I'm about a month away from officially filing for divorce. My children seem to be stable and happy and adjusting well to all the changes. Shared custody is working out so far. I am ready for a clean break and am looking forward to being officially divorced sometime in the new year. I thought my soon-to-be-ex-husband felt the same way. But this weekend when he came to pick the kids up, he tried to kiss me! On the lips. What the HECK?! I pulled away like he was on fire, and stuttered a bit and ran into my house and locked the door. AWKWARD?! I have NO intention of ever kissing him on the lips again. What was that? Is he crazy? Do I have to talk to him about what happened?

Friend Doesn't Care

I have been best friends with Friend X for almost 10 years. I love her to death but sometimes she's really self-centered. Recently, my godson was diagnosed with liver cancer, he's 6 months old. When I called her about it and how stressed I was about managing my school life, home life, work life, and my struggle with the baby, she told me that "this would be a good lesson in time management." I was really offended and I still am. I didn't realize a sick baby was a priority that hit the same caliber as a homework assignment. I haven't talked to her since and I have stuff I want to tell her but I'm still so mad. I don't know, am I being too sensitive?

First time on Tinder

I've just signed up for Tinder for the first time ever. While I'm not necessarily looking to date anyone (I'm not staying at home for much longer), it has been fun chatting to people. I'm still unsure about the idea of meeting up with someone I've never actually met before, but there are a couple guys that have sparked my interest. Should I just go ahead and meet up with them for coffee for the heck of it?

Is there a difference: loving vs being in love?

Is there really a difference between the two? Can you describe in words? I have been in a relationship for 20 years and I am wondering where did the passion go? I always wonder how people maintain that freshness to their relationships.

I caught my spouse cheating. What to do?

I came home from work and found my wife in bed with a neighbor. I love my wife and family but what should I do?

Move in with my friend or continue to travel

I've recently returned home from over 2 years of traveling. My friend just offered me the chance to move in with her in her apartment in a city I love in California. The price is right, and I'd be able to start working full time to start saving money. However, I have a feeling that I'd get itchy feet within a few months and would want to start traveling again, since that's where my heart is. This opportunity to move in with her is great, but I love traveling so much. Now I face the dilemma if I should move in with her now, or continue to travel until it's out of my system (if it ever is!).

Birthday Gift for the Girlfriend...

I've been dating my girlfriend now for over two years, this is by far the longest relationship I have ever been in and I'm struggling to decide on seemingly the most simple thing, what do I get her for her birthday? I am having a hard time of thinking of what she would want and so I thinking of turning to either her family for advice or just giving up on keeping the gift a secret and asking her what she wants. As you'll see in my options below, I already bought something for her, but it was not supposed to be a birthday gift, just something that I wanted and she agreed was cool and so I decided to buy one for her as well.

Do you think I should just count that as the gift, even though it was quite cheap, I've bought her something similar before, and when I told her I would buy it for her I did not intend for it to be a birthday gift?

Should I ask her family what they think she'd want? She is quite close with her mother and I think if I asked her she'd be able to suggest something good that maybe my girlfriend even might not suggest.

Should I ask her? Even though I really like keeping gifts secret from her because it drives her crazy which is pretty fun.

Or should I just try my best to think of something on my own? Given that I've been dating her for two years you'd think I'd be able to come up with something.