Is Valentine's Day stupid or is it just me?

Valentines' Day just passed and, like many of you probably did, I did something special for the significant other. But, it's not that I really wanted to. I felt obligated to because well, it's Valentine's Day. Also, don't mistake me for a common ass either. Of course, I would love to do something special for my girlfriend but, it just irks me that there's a whole day dedicated to the ooey-gooey and the stigma that follows.

One, why is there a holiday that tries to condense something as magnificent as love into a typical ceremony? Two, why should there be a day that dictates when I should be doing something nice for someone? I feel like if I hadn't done anything then I would automatically be condemned for it (I dare you to prove me wrong). And, lastly, it's a day that excludes a great deal of people; ya know, people that aren't in relationships. Yes, some are happily single yet, for those others, this day really exacerbates that feeling of loneliness. And, to top it all off, I simply believe this is just a capitalist rake-in (don't think I didn't notice the $10 mark up on roses, Safeway).

But, I digress. Am I the only one that has a problem with this? What are your thoughts?

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