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It's not guns or mental health

Yet another shooting hitting the airwaves and the cycle continues...

Ya know, it's becoming a regular occurrence that we all hear about a tragedy, then we squabble and argue about who-knows-what and then things go silent until the next one. I'm tired of it. It's bad enough that awful things happen but then it starts becoming nuanced like any other cultural idiosyncrasy. Here's my two cents...

The thing is - we could all start bringing out personal agendas and opinions to the table as soon as tragedy strikes, trying to solve the matter, or piggy backing to promote or protect your own ideals but, when anything does happen, we all seem to forget one thing; people. People, from victims to violators, to bystanders and more, cannot be condensed into two categories in the midst of an issue. All I hear are people arguing about gun control or mental health, and then it starts becoming a clash of personal beliefs and changing laws. The fact is that no amount if spattering your opinion or changing policy is going to change people.

The fact is I could pass a Rorschach Test and file for a gun permit in the same day, and a week later open fire on a post office. No amount of reform or policy is going to change that hypothetical event because all changing laws or social dictum does is just that. It's part of the cycle. Every single day bad things happen. Am I saying that there is nothing we can do about it? No. What I am saying though is that, like cancer or world hunger, violence is a dense concept and can't be "solved" in a day. It's going to take the metaphorical "hours of lab research" to even begin to understand it; especially when it's a facet of human character and not a virus or sociological phenomenon. I believe our entire way of life has to change to even begin to fathom a world where this doesn't happen. Call me a fence sitter or over-philosophical but, it's something more than offering the typical diatribe nonsense you hear every day. Would you agree or disagree?

Artemis Pebdani wants your take on these quandrees too.

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