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Were Biggie and Tupac Overrated?

I just watched the first episode of "Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G." and it got me to thinking. I've been on this earth for a while now and you'd have to be living under a very large rock to not have heard the names Biggie Smalls or Tupac Shakur. More so, you would have to live under an even bigger rock if you haven't heard of the murder conspiracy involving both these rappers. I'm a pretty open-minded person, especially when it comes to music; it happens to be a critical pillar of my life. I've listened to both Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac among other rap artists of the same era; I actually really enjoy rap specific to that time period over others. However, I don't find their music all that great; definitely not as relevant as the events that surrounded their names.

I believe the murders of Biggie and Tupac gave the world a false perception of their work because, simply put, dying will make you famous (especially when you die tragically young). More than that, I think it prompts people to exaggerate or embellish certain aspects of a person's life to create a swelled sense of purpose or accomplishment if only out of respect. I think that's the case here. If Biggie and Tupac hadn't been killed, I believe their music wouldn't be appreciated nearly as much. I honestly don't see anything exceptional about it, in a general sense but, especially apart from other acts of the time. In fact, it's more often than not I find myself hearing about or discussing the conspiracy itself over the rappers' actual work.

So, there it is. Would you agree? Are they overrated or deserving of the hype?

Da Maniac wants your take on these quandrees too.

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