Am I getting enough sleep?

Do I get enough sleep? I don't know if the 8-hour paradigm is relevant anymore. It makes me sad to think that instead of days being split into three equal parts, that sleep has to suffer the cuts. I usually find it hard to balance work, free time, socializing, etc., so I will compromise my sleeping schedule to have more time to fit the rest of my life in.

I think on average, I'm getting about six hours of rest each night. Has this become the norm though? It feels that way to me. We're all running around trying to find time in the day but, we're doing it with baggy eyes and slumping shoulders. Or maybe, you're not so tired throughout the day because you're used to having less sleep (which is a troublesome thought to me). Maybe it's specific to certain people's lives. I'm not sure so I'm asking: How does everyone else sleep? Do you think the norm has shifted?

Artemis Pebdani wants your take on these quandrees too.
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