My husband's pranks are getting out of control!

This past Sunday was April Fool's Day/Easter. Usually every year my husband and I will go to a family lunch or a get together of sorts to celebrate. It's never usually a problem but, this year, since it landed on April Fool's Day, it became one. My husband likes to celebrate April Fool's every year as much as Easter. He pulls pranks at my expense and I brush them off as good old fashion fun but it's starting to get on my last nerves!

This year especially on the day we were supposed to visit family, he outdoes himself. He mixed in some clear glue into my styling gel, and when I put it in my hair, it clumped up! I ended up having to cut some off!!! I was more than livid considering not only did I have to cut my hair but, that I had to go see my family a few hours after. I think it's getting to a point where he's taking it too far. It's not charming or cute anymore but borderline abusive. I'm afraid if I talk to him that he won't take it seriously or he'll be offended or something like that. What do I do?

FattyMagoo wants your take on these quandrees too.
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