Is rental insurance worth it?

I recently took a road trip with some friends and was in charge of taking care of the rental. I found a car that came at a great price and ordered online. I went without the insurance on the order. I went with one of my friends to go pick it up. While at the counter and processing the order, the employee did the whole last minute attempt to get me to buy insurance. She even offered me a discount rate to try to make the sale. I was on the fence until my friend told me a story where they were hit in a rental before. So, reluctantly I paid more for it.

The thing is, I think it's just such a fricken scam. The price of the insurance was half the price of the entire rental. The likelihood of something happening while driving, to me, isn't worth the price, especially since the existence of the insurance is contingent on whether you pay for it or not. It's not like the company doesn't have it already.

And, no, nothing happened on the trip. We came home perfectly fine, car intact, the end. So, essentially, I was out extra cash for no reason. What do you think? Do you buy insurance when you rent?

Mantis Toboggan wants your take on these quandrees too.

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