When to rake leaves?

I grew up in a mid-west town, and raking leaves was a big part of our autumn chores. Not only would my parents make me and my brothers rake the leaves in our own yard, but many of the neighbor’s as well. So, I just grew up thinking this was normal, and the right thing to do. I was told you have to remove them both to make things look nice and to keep them from killing the grass.
Fast-forward to me owning my own house. Now I am reading websites that say the leaves are actually good for lawns, that they provide nutrients, allow bug eggs/larvae to grow, and protect the soil from erosion and freezing. Plus, it means less work and less money spent on chemical fertilizers.
I still do not know what my HOA will say, but what is your opinion on this. . .should I rake the leaves now or wait till spring to do it?

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