Lord of all he surveys

I am engaged to a girl that I have been together with for four years. Several times in our relationship we have broken up and during one of these times she slept with a guy who has been a long term friend and still continues to be a long term friend.

This friend is in a different state and never visits so it is purely an Internet thing. Sometimes I feel she has a closer friendship with him than with me, but at the same time I feel she is totally loyal and devoted to me, and never gives me any reason to doubt our relationship. The other side of this is that I KNOW the guy has no girlfriend, is a bit of a home-body and I feel he is still into her in a big way.

In my girl's mind I feel she thinks this is just a friendship and she has absolutely no other feelings for him, but I am certain that he does have strong feelings for her. He talks to her literally every day on chat and often I feel their dialog is stronger than my own. I have shared my feelings with her about this so she knows I don't feel totally comfortable but I don't feel it is right to ask her to stop a friendship she has had longer than she has known me. She is supportive of my feelings and is understanding. She also has said that she would not be as supportive as I am if the situation were reversed.

NormalDude wants your take on these quandrees too.

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