Ongoing personal criticism for my parenting

My parents and one of my brothers have been relentless in their criticism of my parenting. They not only say things to me about all the mistakes they think I'm making and how my kids will be ruined, but they also treat my children badly. Especially my son, who they seem to think is completely a mess because of how he's being raised.

My kids are actually healthy, do well in school, have great friends, no drugs going on, and are active athletes. But because I homeschooled for a time, don't have an authoritarian approach, and encourage open dialog, my family seems to think I'm completely screwing up my kids.

My question: Do I continue to work to keep my kids connected with my family in spite of my family's bad treatment of my kids? or do I disconnect and just focus on my kids and shield them from the nasty remarks and behavior by my family? My family all lives at least 1000 miles away.

teenparent wants your take on these quandrees too.

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