The Post-Grad

I am currently a junior undergrad at UC Berkeley considering fields in health, particularly nurse practitioner/physician's assistant. However, I am not set on what I want to do yet and am still open to other career possibilities, so I don't know if I want to commit to grad school (or which type of grad school) just yet. I have been working a fairly well-paying job for the past 3 years at a publishing company but I don't want to limit myself to an assistant title. I know I will still have a massive amount of debt that I need to pay off somehow, but I don't want to spend another 4-8 years of my life, money and stress in grad school if I'm not sure the resulting career is what I'd want to do for the rest of my life. I've pretty much solidified taking at least a year off after I graduate, but what should I do with it? How should I spend my money (the little of it that I have)?

AnCermet wants your take on these quandrees too.

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