Marjorie Taylor Greene, enlightened patriot?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is only a House freshman, yet she is taking control of much of the news about the House these last few weeks. She is a vocal supporter of the 2nd amendment, as well as one of the adamant supporters for the Stop the Steal campaign. But, more an more we are hearing about he dark past. She has harassed victims of school shootings, which she thinks were fake. She has called for Nancy Pelosie death, and like or re-shared other's posts who have called for her Congressional peers to be killed. She is also an avid supporter of the right-winged fringe conspiracy group, Qanon. But, what I have not seen is some of the platforms she ran on that got her elected int he 14th district of Georgia. There must be something they see in her that I d not. What do you think, is she irrational and easily deceived my disinformation, or is she one of the few who see the truth?

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