Should I stay in a commune?

So I love traveling, but have mostly traveled around Asia where everything is so cheap. Over there, you can get a meal for $3 and a private bungalow on the beach for about $15 dollars a night. But now, with COVID still raging on many countries I am looking for budget ways to travel around the States.
Obviously hotels are out of the question for any trip longer than a few days, as they are do expensive here. I stayed in a hostel once when I was young, but being in bunk beds with 20 other travelers and sharing a bathroom is not my idea of a vacation, more my idea of a personal hell. I will camp as much as I can, but I also found an intentional living center in Florida that looks interesting. Its natural and beautiful, and they say each guest has their own rooms, but everyone shares common areas and cooks together. Seems cool, but not sure what kind of people stay in these types of places. Are they good, if you stayed in one would you go again?

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