My brother told me my pjs are too skimpy…

Ok, I’m 20 years old and I just moved back home with my parents and my brother. Out of the blue the other day, my brother told me my pajamas were too skimpy and I should have a bit more decency since I don't live alone. Just to clarify, my pjs might be a little revealing, but I literally only wear them in my room by myself when I’m getting ready to go to sleep. The only reason he saw them was because I went to the bathroom half asleep one night and didn’t think anyone would be up, so I didn’t put my robe on. Anyway, now he’s making a big deal out of it, asking my parents what they think, and I’m just super annoyed. I don’t think I’m in the wrong here. Like if I wore them to breakfast, I’d understand, but I always throw on my robe if I leave my room before I change. I just want to know who’s right here.

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