Abroad blahs

My teenager is currently abroad with a High School Program. She seems to be having a great time, communication is limited but she will text at the end of the day sending a few pictures here and there. While prepping for her trip, I tried to stock her up with OTC medications for those "just in case" moments. She scoffed, rolled her eyes and told me "the host family will have all that". "Are you sure? It would be best for you to have it already". "NO! That is dumb, I don't need to carry extra stuff with me."
Needless to say, I wasn't going to fight that battle. She is almost an adult and will be heading off to college in a year. So I will let her find out for her self and hopefully she is correct... SHE WAS WRONG!
She let us know last night she has not been able to eat since she arrived and is scared to eat, since it might go right through her. TMI, I know.
Now, I feel bad for her and I wish I had purchased the Imodium anyways and secretly stashed it in her almost overweight bag. BUT.. I also want to remind her how I WAS RIGHT and she should have listened to me!!

lyricsis wants your take on these quandrees too.

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