Do You Pay a Deductible When You Weren't at Fault?

I recently had my car hit in a residential parking lot, and naturally the other driver was at fault. I wasn't even in the car at the time, I was in my apartment at 3 AM. Well, I thought my insurance would simply cover it, but after calling them I found out that they still want me to pay a $200 deductible, even though it wasn't my fault!

They said that they MIGHT be able get my deductible back, after I decide whether or not I want to file the claim, but they won't offer me any guarantees. This seems like a huge risk, and not worth it to fix a dent in my car. My mom tells me this isn't normal, and that I shouldn't have to pay out of pocket if I'm not at fault.

Is this normal? Has anyone had their insurance company tell them their policy is similar? It seems outrageous to me, and my mom thinks I should leave my insurance company.

punyama wants your take on these quandrees too.

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