Home schooling: Worth it? Or no?

I have a friend whose son is about to hit school age and she's considering home schooling because she doesn't like the quality of the local public school. She works at home and has a live-in boyfriend who works full time. She tells me that she has friends who've suggested sending her son to public school or a private school anyway because they think homeschooling is too much work. I tried to be encouraging because I think school has its flaws, one of which is that I think ADHD is way over-diagnosed purely because it's unnatural to expect a classroom full of 6-year-olds to be able to sit still and pay attention to the teacher for hours. (Yeah, I know, recess, lunch and gym class, but a lot of parents have gotten visits from CPS purely because their kid just has the fidgets.) So I am not seeing what the problem is with homeschooling when she could easily work that into her day when she isn't working. Her son can actually get a better education purely because there are three state parks within spitting distance where they can go on guided nature tours, learn how to identify the parts of flowers and leaves and stuff, and Chicago isn't that far of a drive if they want to go visit an aquarium and a natural history museum over the weekend. What do you think?

MarsEvents wants your take on these quandrees too.

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