Can't Have Children

My sister’s live-in boyfriend of six years is in recovery after a motorcycle accident and his physical therapy is going well. Unfortunately, his private parts were severely damaged and basically crushed and after many surgeries, it seems he will never have full function again. He will not be able to give her children. She told him it’s okay, that they can always adopt, and that they can work out some way to be intimate and stay in love and still be with each other. I know he was planning on proposing to her before the accident happened, because he’d asked me to help him pick out a ring. Now he barely talks to my sister or looks at her and tells her she should leave because she deserves better than him. It breaks my heart seeing them both like this. I know he still loves her. She loves him so much. But he thinks he’s doing the right thing by pushing her away. They have been to therapy but it’s not helping and he’s growing more distant every day. My mother thinks maybe it would be best if my sister did move out and move on. I cry every day, for her and for him. My sister and I are only a year apart and super close. She asked me what I thought. I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell her.

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