Is it stealing?

I probably should have dealt with this particular problem months ago but I feel like it’s too late to do anything about it now… I call upon several babysitters when I need them, particularly because I don’t to ask my in-laws who live close by, and because my children do love younger babysitters. One babysitter in particular has been neglecting to leave me change after she’s paid for pizza or whatever takeout I order for the evening. All my other babysitters leave me the change in plain sight. But one babysitter in particular, who also happens to babysit for me the longest, never leaves me change and I know there has to be change. Once, I did ask and she said there was no change left because she’d called and ordered something extra. I believed her. But my oldest, who is 8, told me the next day that there was nothing extra ordered. So I stopped calling this particular babysitter back. But now it looks I’ll need to add her back to my “roster” of babysitters. So. Should I ask her about the whole shorting me change thing or is it too late? Is this considered stealing?

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EverydayQuandary | 11 Sep, 2017 | 0 votes | 1 comment