My friend's new puppy is adorable, but annoying.

My two best friends (who are dating and live together) just got a sweet, new puppy. They adopted her from a shelter after she'd been returned back to them twice because of "behavioral issues." My one friend manages a doggy daycare and has a lot of experience handling dogs, and the other doesn't have any experience. The dog is a real sweetheart, is always excited to see people when they come over, and knows a few tricks, but can get really hyper and worked up at the blink of an eye. She doesn't always play well with other dogs and whines almost constantly. My friend with no dog care experience says we have to just ignore her when she does this, but she can sometimes go on whining and barking for 30 minutes at a time. This is especially embarrassing when we're all out in public and he does nothing to get her to stop. It's not my place to scold the dog, but how can I bring the problem up to my friend without offending him?

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