Cousin Making Dangerous Choices

My cousin (who is like a sister to me) is 24 years old and has a 5 year old son. She's an amazing single mom and has always put her son first, but she recently disclosed to my mom that she intends to travel all the way to the Philippines with her 5 year old. She told my mom that it's part of a teaching experience for her online college degree, but she keeps calling it a vacation, and the facts aren't adding up. There's a guy from the Philippines on her Facebook, and his profile says he's dating her, but her profile doesn't say she's dating him. She's never mentioned him, and it's really concerning.

She also said she won't tell her dad she's going until 2 days before she plans to leave. It's all extremely suspicious, and I'm worried she's being lured to a foreign country by a guy she's never met before. Even the best case scenario is she is going down there on a legitimate "teaching experience," but she's an anti-vaxxer, so her 5 year old son is going to be exposed to foreign diseases in another country that he doesn't have the immune system to fight off.

She's 24 years old and there's no way to stop her from doing whatever she wants, but my mom and I don't feel it's right to do and say nothing when there are so many red flags going off. We're the only ones in the family who know, because she doesn't trust anyone else. If we break her trust, we're concerned she will have no one left in the family that she trusts, and she won't come to us anymore if she needs help. But we can't do nothing, right?

punyama wants your take on these quandrees too.

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