House & Home

I live in my friend's living room.

After spending most of the year traveling, I decided to come home and spend some time in a place that I'm familiar with. I stayed with my parents for a while, but they live outside of the city while all of my friends live downtown. I couldn't stay out there for very long (so boring), but I might start traveling again soon so I didn't want to sign a year-long lease. That's when my friend stepped up and offered to let me crash in his living room for a couple months. I'd pay him a few hundred dollars a month and I could leave whenever I want. It's a pretty ideal situation for me, but I sometimes feel like I'm invading my friend's space. He insists I'm not and he enjoys having me around, but I hate being a burden to people and I can't shake the feeling.

girlabroad wants your take on these quandrees too.

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