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What to do after graduation

I'm graduating with my Bachelor's degree very soon, and I'm pretty nervous about what happens when I'm pushed out of the academia nest.

My parents want me to move back with them so that I can save money, but I see it as a horrible idea. We clash horribly, fight, and they kicked me out after I graduated high school (we stopped speaking for over a year and I was semi-homeless) because we couldn't live in the same house. Even though our relationship has gotten better recently, I don't want to become dependent again and not have the option of easily leaving if things get heated. Plus, they live out in the middle of nowhere in an Amish town. I'm going to struggle to find a career-oriented job if I move out in the middle of nowhere.

Another option is for me to start applying for Grad school. I want to get my Master's, but I'm a little nervous about going back to school right away when I've been in school for 5+ years. I'm pretty burnt out of academia right now. And I'm not sure I can afford it, unless it's a fully-funded program.

Final option is to go where the money is. Start applying for jobs and go where I get the best offer - hoping that I will be able to afford living alone in a new city. I've never worked a full-time job before, so I don't know what to expect. It's all a bit scary, and I'm trying to make the best choice.

punyama wants your take on these quandrees too.

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