What new skill should I learn?

I'm at a point in my life that I don't really know at all what I want to do with my life moving forward. Like I can't even seem to say what I'm looking for in a job because despite my varied history of work experience I've yet to really do anything that has 100% brought me happiness. So far in my life, I have studied Psychology and User Experience Design but have been hitting a stone wall trying to find anything to do with either because seemingly every job I find the remote bit interesting requires some 3-10 years of experience... However, while I try to figure out what I'm going to do for a job I figure I should use my time off to learn some new skill.

#1: Coding. While I do classify myself as a User Experience Designer, one thing that continues to annoy me is that no matter what I want to create, no matter what design the visuals and functions of, without the ability to code I will never be able to make any of the designs a reality.

#2: Learn to speak a new language. Through middle school, high school, and even college I learned that I do not learn languages well how schools try to teach them. I have however had some success learning to speak new languages through audio learning software such as Pimsleur so I'm thinking about really dedicating myself to learning at least a basic fluency in one of the languages I have downloaded right now. While this skill will not really help me (that I can see at least) in finding work, it is something that I've wanted to (and put off doing) for a while now.

#3: Photoshop Creative Suite. I've never been the most artistic person, which leads me to think this might be the most difficult skill for me to learn, however, it would also be extremely helpful in advancing my UX design skills and hopefully help me get a job at some point in the future.

Any other skills you think would be both fun to learn as well as possibly helpful in the job search I'd be happy to hear about, especially if you have a personal story about how it helped you.


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