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Does a fake painting warrant a nice frame?

A while back I had this grand idea: I wanted a very large painting of an old wooden ship on the ocean to allow me to reminisce about my days at sea. I scoured Goodwills and thrift shops but found nothing. Eventually I began googling images to find the perfect image. I landed on "Dawn Chase" by Montague Dawson. I bought the largest sized, museum-quality print they had. I then took it to a local craft store to have a frame made up for it, with no-glare glass. All told, the thing cost me $800. It's beautiful, but it occurred to me after I put it up, that the guy in the store wanted to know what was so special about this image. People tend to ask me more often if it is real instead of asking anything else about it. The image has had the desired affect. I find myself staring at it like a fireplace or television. Maybe because it's so damned big. Anyway, should I:

G.Patterson wants your take on these quandrees too.

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