Mixed Signals Or Not

There’s a mom at my kids’ school who I’ve known for years now, because our oldest kids went to the same daycare as babies. I’ll call her Betty.

Well, I don’t particularly trust Betty as a friend, but I don’t mind keeping her around as an acquaintance. She’s one of the mean moms at school and I’ve always done a pretty good job at keeping her at arm’s length. Even my oldest never asks to have playdates with her oldest. We just don’t match even after all these years. Betty even made a remark recently that she thinks I’m avoiding her. Yikes. But Betty is now pregnant with her fourth child, and I’ve always given her baby gifts over the years because that’s just who I am and I do love shopping for baby items since my own kids are no longer babies.

My question is though, am I sending her mixed signals if I buy her a baby gift for her fourth kid? Should I just not? Or is that also weird since I’ve bought gifts for all her other baby births?

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EverydayQuandary | 11 Sep, 2017 | 0 votes | 2 comments