Pursue passion full-time or get a supporting job?

Like many people on planet earth, I have dreams. The only problem is that I'm getting on in years and don't really feel like wasting any more time. However, I'm in a bit of mental pickle. I'll spare you the greater details but, I'm trying to find standing in the music industry, in many ways. I'm really open to finding anything that will pay the bills, even if the checks are small but, in the area I'm in, it's damn near impossible to find a steady paying job in music. I currently work at a studio, not even part-time, but I get a few bucks here and there. It's really just good for a resumé, but I've been searching for almost 3 months for something with no luck.

Now, my conundrum is, do I put all my efforts into my passion; job searching, experience building, skill training, portfolio, etc? Or, where my concern lies, get a job to support myself, but in the process detracting my full-time efforts towards my passion, and ultimately slowing me down. I'm also worried about getting stuck in a cycle if I do get a job outside of my preferred field, that I'll just end up there permanently, draining the life out of what I really do care about. I mean, is there a cutoff? Do I wait a certain amount of time before packing it in or should I keep searching until I find something no matter the time/cost?

Da Maniac wants your take on these quandrees too.

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