My boyfriend doesn't like my favorite restaurant.

I've been going to the same Japanese restaurant every year for my birthday since I was fourteen (let's just say it's been over a decade of birthdays). I love the food, but even more, I love the staff and atmosphere. Every time I go into that restaurant I'm greeted by the woman who owns it, a few of the chefs, and a couple members of the waitstaff. It's like a second home, almost. I tried introducing my boyfriend to the place and he didn't match my level of enthusiasm. He acted weird through the whole meal and when we got in the car I asked him what that matter was. He said he thought it was strange how friendly everyone was and that the food was subpar. I don't think he was trying to be rude, but it did hurt my feelings. Now, my birthday is coming up and I don't want to break my tradition, but I also don't want to have another uncomfortable dinner with my boyfriend. What should I do?

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