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So... I've been broke for awhile...

So, as the title would suggest I've been pretty broke for a while now. Unemployed since last February I finally started working again at the end of September. Since I'm currently living with my parents and thus don't need to pay rent, I decided to put half of every paycheck I get into savings to ensure that even if I leave this job before finding another or I move out I will have the money to do so and not keep living paycheck to paycheck. Still, while I am extremely motivated to save, I did spend nearly a year wishing I could afford to buy this or that, as so I want to use the money I'm not putting into saving to buy at least one thing from my list, but I can't decide what to get. Since I know that if I don't buy something I'm just gonna break my promise to save money and buy all of it, I'm letting the wisdom of the internet decide for me.

Option 1: Sports/Smartwatch. I currently have a Pebble 2, but it's slowly going obsolete since Pebble was bought by Fitbit and they aren't going to release any more updates. Also, I am trying to start getting more active again and while I got my Pebble in college when I didn't need to worry about being active because I was on a sports team, now I need all the help I can get cause being active solo sucks most of the time. I'm thinking maybe the Fitbit Ionic after they have a chance to address some of the release date bugs.
Option 2: Allbird shoes. Though I have plenty of shoes that I like and are comfortable, I tried on a pair of my friend's Allbird shoes and let me tell you, most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. So, while I have casual shoes, dress shoes, and workout shoes, I kinda think they might just be nice to have to be comfortable soft shoes to wear when lounging about.
Option 3: New Video Game (probably Battlefront 2 if it gets good reviews) While I saw Battlefront 2, I'm also thinking about Shadow of War, Splatoon 2, Arms, or Legend of Zelda DLC for the Switch as well because while I don't play many video games I do still enjoy to play them.

FitnessTrainer wants your take on these quandrees too.

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