Go for a long distance relationship?

I got out of a long-term relationship less a year ago, and I've been dating casually until recently. I didn't see myself settling down with anyone anytime soon. Then a met someone. Yup, that someone who makes you question a lot of your stances when it comes to relationships.

Issue is that he lives on the opposite coast. We manage to talk every day despite the time differences, and we are clearly attracted to each other. We've even told each other so, but we decided to "go with the flow". His plan is to get a job on the same coast I am, but still a good 2 hour flight away, and after getting to a more stable place, pursue something.

I've always had a thing against long distance relationships, since the last one I had was unsuccessful, but he's somehow making me wonder if things can work out. So far, we have a plan to see each other in January, but just maintain status quo (friends but a little more than friends). What should I do?

Noncommital wants your take on these quandrees too.

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