What's the best idea for a Youtube Channel?

Been thinking about starting a youtube channel in my free time (of which I realize I don't have much...) but still I think it would be fun and I think I have a couple ideas that could turn into something that I think at least a decent number of people would want to watch. I have no delusions in thinking that I'm gonna become the next Philip DeFranco or Rizknows but I think it would be a cool thing to try out at least and see if I like it. Recently I watched a Jeremy Jahns video where he encouraged people to just get on Youtube and try things out, don't wait until your idea is perfect because then you'll never get started, you just have to get in there and start something. Perfect it later. It's kinda like writing a book, first, you just need to get the words down on paper, then you can worry about fine-tuning the details.

So, what kind of Youtube channel do you think I should start? The options below are my basic ideas, forgive me for not being more specific, but obviously, I don't want to give my ideas completely away.

FitnessTrainer wants your take on these quandrees too.

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