Texting But No Telephone

I went ahead and downloaded Tinder, even though I’m not officially divorced yet. But I’ve been separated for almost a year and I figure that’s good enough. I have no intention of reconciling, so in theory…I’m as single as they come. I’ve had a few men I’ve “matched” with and I’ve started chatting regularly with one of them. It’s strange though, he never wants to talk on the phone even though we have each other’s telephone numbers. He prefers to just text. I asked him why and he said he just doesn’t like talking on the phone because he’s on the phone all day for work. I guess I can understand that. But the cynic in me is suspicious. I thought maybe he was married or in a relationship and maybe cheating. But his story seems to check out. He is single. We haven’t made plans to meet up or anything. I find myself I’m wondering if the whole “no telephone conversations” thing is something I should really be worried about?

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