Should I get healthcare?

Yep. I'm opening up this can of worms.

If you're from the U.S., then you know how controversial this subject is. For those who don't know, Americans are required by law to have health insurance BUT are not provided so by the government. In essence, you are forced to pay for an optional service. Imagine if the same were true for something like Netflix? Would you have a problem with the government forcing you to pay for Netflix? It's ironic, really. There are lots of freedoms granted in this country but when it comes to health, I don't get a say in anything. It's either get insurance or pay a fine. And, I'll say it. Insurance is completely unnecessary. Its purpose is to save people from losing all their hard earned money in an emergency/life-threatening situation. But does someone like Bill Gates have to worry about a measly $300,000 for cancer treatment? No, so why should he be forced to pay for a service he doesn't need?

And, yes, I see its value for the common citizen who doesn't have billions gushing from their checking account. But, then you have people like me; healthy by choice and by youth, who's only real worries come in fiscal form. And that's what gets me. I know, I'm not immune to being hit by a bus, but if I had to weigh my fears of surviving being run over or how I'm going to pay rent next month or feed myself/family (respectfully), I'm picking the latter. That IS my health; my day-to-day existence only kept proper by how I decide to spend what I make, not what uncertainty may lie ahead. So, now if I have the burden of coughing up an extra living expense, that would ironically have an effect on the very thing it's trying to help, how do I prioritize what is important? That's all I'm asking. I'm not even going to begin to talk about the implicit flaw in having multiple health plans, where what you pay for doesn't even work (ya know, get hit hit by a bus, only covers cars). So, what do I do? Do I hurt myself financially or risk the every-day fickle world we live in (fines included)? Do I bother getting health insurance or risk it?

P.S. If the NSA is reading this, feel free to comment.

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