Thin Walls

When I moved into new apartment back in February, I didn't realize the place had SUCH thin walls. I've pretty much gotten used to it now, and I'm even more careful about my own noise levels. But lately I've been hearing my elderly neighbor crying a lot, especially late at night. I don't mind it so much because it's not a wailing cry, but more of a very sad and deep heavy cry. It actually sometimes brings me to tears myself because I'm going through some tough times myself. Sigh. But when I see this particular neighbor in the elevator or on the street she looks so happy and chipper while she walks her dog. But I guess we all hide our sadness to the outside world. But I do see the sadness in her eyes despite her strong facade. The question is...should I ask her, just as a friendly neighbor and fellow human being, if she's ok? Should I mention that I hear her cries at night and if she wants she can confide in me? Or is that creepy?! I don't want to be creepy. But I do have a soft spot for old people...

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