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The Great Pumpkin Party Dilemma

I started a pumpkin party tradition back in 2009. It started out as just a themed party that my sister and I were going to have and it happened to be November. So we decided on pumpkin. We made about 20 pumpkin dishes and gave out pumpkin chutney favors and everyone voted on their favorite dish. It was such a HUGE hit that it became an annual thing. Plus everyone else wanted to make their own pumpkin dish, so we turned into a potluck / competition and just opened the doors.

It takes place every year on one the first two weekends of November, after Halloween when we butcher pumpkins, and before Thanksgiving, when pumpkin is a side dish. The pumpkin party had a successful 6 year run before life obstacles got in the way—people got married, kids, tragedies, moved further away—and it fizzled year 7. So, when just a few replied "yes", I announced it was the last pumpkin party. It was easy to skip year 8 anyway because my own life obstacles took over—I got engaged, moved in with my fiancee and planned a wedding.

Here we are in year 9 and people were missing the pumpkin party, including me. I wasn't planning on doing it, and now there is only this last weekend left to pull it off, but it is 3 days away!

concernedcitizen wants your take on these quandrees too.
curiouscat | 16 Jul, 2017 | 0 votes | 1 comment