The day I got kicked out of a baseball game...

Baseball is a great event to go to with your friends to hang out and have a good time. And, sometimes you run into old acquaintances; the more the merrier I say. But sometimes...sometimes this happens. (The short version, anyway.)

A while back I went to a baseball game with some friends and, what with it being such a grand event, I happened to run into an old classmate of mine from grade school. She was hanging out with two guys but, as soon as she saw me, she got really excited and ran over to say hello. She was ecstatic, siting all the good times we had at school, how we were the "real O.G.'s" and so on. She would not stop talking, honestly. Here's the thing. We were never good friends - like ever. So, it was weird to me that she was putting on this much of a face. It didn't bother me that much, not until the following.

She turned to the two guys next to her and told them to get lost. They were not pleased and expressed that to me; and if that is the manner you leave a group of people, something tells me they were not people she knew very well. It was suspicious so, I tried to say my goodbyes and go back to my seat but she started following me and asked, "So, where are we going?" She insisted on following me to my seat, almost knocking the beer out of my hand with her flashy arm movements. Something wasn't right but, I continued to my bleacher seats. When we got to the aisle, a security guard asked for our tickets; I showed mine, she showed hers, guard told her that her seats were elsewhere. She didn't like it very much and started yelling and cussing at security. She went on and on, even stating that I was her boyfriend. Uhhhhhhh- I couldn't even get a word in to correct the situation, she was yelling so much. I apologized to the guard but he told me to take her and wait on the side of the aisle. Next thing I know, three more security guards come over and tell us we have to leave. I tried explaining everything but they didn't want to hear it. They played tough, wore a mean mug, grabbed both our arms and escorted us out without so much as a trial. She put up a fight but, I...I just went with it at that point. Before I knew it, we were outside the park.

I'm guessing it was cocaine. She was pale and way too excited. Anyway, I babysat her until the game ended about 30 minutes later, when I could meet my friends. They came out and were surprised as I was. Wrapping it up, we got her a cab home and I don't talk to anyone at baseball games now. But really though, should I have been kicked out?

johnmCclane wants your take on these quandrees too.
Mantis Toboggan | 2 Aug, 2017 | 0 votes | 4 comments