Soccer mom dilema

My son (9) has played soccer for the past 5 years and loves it. We have had good experiences with coaches in the past, but this year our experience wasn't as great. I know my son learned a lot and improved greatly this year, but I did not agree with the coaches style of coaching the kids.

Here are some of the things I didn't agree with:
1. He would tell the kids the games were for fun even if they didn't win. During the game, he would play to win and yell at the kids. Then after the game, he would apologize to certain kids for not playing them as much and tell them it was because he really wanted to win!
2. There were enough kids on the team to field two teams. He would start with one set of kids and then rotate out the whole team. I heard him many times say to the kids on the bench who were complaining they wanted to play "I know I know, but we have to give them a chance too" implying the ones complaining on the bench were better. NOT ok to say to 9 years old OR anyone for that matter.
3. During practices, he would demean other sports that the kids on the team played saying "baseball is a lazy sport".

So now my Quandree: He has offered to coach winter soccer for the team. My son loves the team. Should I give my son the option to play again with this team and coach?

Concerned Parent wants your take on these quandrees too.

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