College Life

Which class should I take?

Next semester is my last semester! All of the classes I need in order to graduate will only be 12 credit hours; I'm used to taking 15, and if I add another class it will be free. I'm thinking about taking either a graphic novel class or a technical writing class. I already know the professor who teaches the graphic novel course - she's a great person, and I would have a lot of fun attending her class. The technical writing course is online and I don't know the professor, but it would be much more useful to my job prospects. The graphic novel course would be more fun and artsy, but the technical writing course would be really useful.

But maybe I shouldn't try to take an extra class just because it's free? I do have my thesis to write next semester, as well as my own bills, groceries, and a little dog to care for. I could put extra effort into everything else in my life - including applying for jobs and preparing to move - if I have some extra time. Should I take that extra class?

punyama wants your take on these quandrees too.

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