Distracted at work...?

A little background: I work at a little smoothie making place inside my local YMCA. Business varies between the occasional person wandering up every 20-30mins and 6-7 people all showing up at once. When not making smoothies my only other duties are to keep my work area clean, and restock things.

My work has this (in my opinion) stupid ass rule where while you are on shift you are not to use your phone at all. While I completely understand not using it when a customer is there and actively deciding/ordering, I see no logical reason why we should not be able to entertain ourselves when all our other duties are done and no one is around.

The company's reasoning for the rule is that they think that people will not want to approach and order from someone who is distracted with their phone.

So my question: Would you be more likely to approach a food service employee who is using their phone before you arrive but looks up immediately upon your arrival to help you, or someone who is not on their phone but has the unmistakable look of absolute boredom on their face and helps you out if mere desperation to have something to do?

FitnessTrainer wants your take on these quandrees too.

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