Broke single mom + rich single woman = friends?

Short version: We were roommates in college and had some good times together, after which our path diverged entirely. She inherited millions, globetrotted, bought rambling homes, enjoyed romances and literally never worked a day in her life. I worked hard to pay off tens of thousands in student debt, bought a rundown fixer-upper and fixed it myself, became a single mom at 38 and continue to work long hours in my chosen field. We're both now 40 and we've been out of touch for several years, largely because I was tired of feeling like the "poor relation." During our friendship, she would insist on going to fancy restaurants that I could never afford, and then paying the bill; staying at hotels I could never afford, and then paying the bill; I once brought my homemade wine for her to try, and she instead opened a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape (an $100 bottle). She has even said condescending things about poor people in front of me. Anyway, she has now reached out for a Christmas visit. My instinct is to say no, we're just too different, and frankly I have been quite enjoying life with other people in my "lower" class. What would you do?

Cargobiker wants your take on these quandrees too.

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