Is being a teacher worth it?

I've come to a crossroads in my life where I'm looking at different career paths. The degree I picked up in college is streamlined for a teaching career but, I never went into it and went into a couple different fields. With the amount of inconsistency on my resume, it's difficult to find a reputable job that pays well also. Teaching is an easy transition because of my degree and, well, it's not that difficult to teach, granted at a low level at least. And, the time you get off is unmatched from what I know because summers are still a thing.

I'm just wondering if there's room for growth like there is in any other field, where my career can gain traction and won't hit a dead end; for instance, the opportunity for better positions, better pay, etc. I have a plethora of questions about it but, I'm just looking for perspective mainly. Is it a good career choice or should I stay clear of it?

Bo Vine Joni wants your take on these quandrees too.
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